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Amazing Testimonial of KIDNEY FAILURE

Here’s a testimonial of KIDNEY FAILURE that claim was healed by using Sante Barley products!

Here’s a post from Facebook that I’ve gather. One of us (Sante Business owner) and user was so happy because of the experience he had for his father.

Must Read : Amazing Testimonial of KIDNEY FAILURE!!) – Bisaya language
It saved my father’s life
Thank you so much po sa mga posting, I will be posting this.
August 27, 2017, I was able to pm my cousin, papa naadmit at the hospital from agusan del sur. After namo cant sa boss ante, naka decision mi nga ibalhin sya dri at one of the hospitals dri in davao kay aside complete the facility, close ra pud sa iya aron maatiman namo sya ug tarung. In the s, the ambulance was held at the end of the late s. As I am a ante, papa while gabiyahe, maglisod and comfort, luspad yesss, then the complaint that he gitakigan (chills). When it comes to the hospital, I have two you sang the nisugat to asikasuhon the admission to the hospital. They still say, they have two shock when they see you papa reaching; bone and skin is just in the kapayat, yellow iya panit, that’s the eye yellow will go, and he will be able to take a story and comfort: in short, almost nothing They know. The Panghitabo are very good. Yes, makaingon mi is a critical facial reaching the hospital. Initial Bp of papa reaching 30/50-they are almost makatuo. Thats a gibalhin daun in ICU for close monitoring.
10 pm on the same day (Aug. In 27, the findings of the lab was the findings of the lab (consuming), and the findings of the lab (consuming), and the findings of the lab. (anyway, last time urinated papa Saturday pa in Japan, August 26 but is blood na nigawas). In, he was able to decide to be able to decide the damage to the doctor for dialysis for the damage to his kidneys and of course to save him. What’s the decision, okay, he will say that he is idialysis. In the s, he was the only younger brother in the family in the family, but the doctor was the watcher of the Pope in the hospital, the doctor was the only one who had a chance to make the chance to live with his kidneys. It’s probably gonna go, natimingan with and that time, no alot mi 10 k for using dialysis.
And that night, no mi lain did dri in the house kundili mohilak, let’s go to prayer and go to the situation of papa’s situation in the hospital No mi asleep. If you have a story, I won’t have a story in the boss. The kidneys are so good, there is no more mi. If the procedure is masugdan, it continues to be aside from there is no insurance that survival, there is no money to go to the dialysis of papa. It’s a decision, I’m going to have a decision on my brother who is looking for you in the hospital In, he was a member of the Philippines, he was a member of the Philippines, but he was not able to kayanon the procedure, besides, and this time, it was a blood pressure, but he needed to be the way to live She is still a ginger, Ginger, and she is not able to get out of the story. That’s why it’s so much that you have the best decision.
2am sa kadlawon, August 28, ako husband ug kauban ako brother in-law, niadto sila ug hospital para hatdan ug Barley Juice si papa. Wala pud ko niundang ug research about kidney damage since google is one click away ra. Instruction nako sa ako manghud, icontrol ang liquid intake ni Papa since damaged iya kidney: maximum 1.5L only every 24 hours (base pud ni sa recommended dosage sa barley juice from medical experts connected to Sante Barley. Yes we have licensed doctors/ practitioners in Sante Barley.)
3am in August 28, nagsugod siya ug inom. Every two hours thereafter, ginapainom sya sa ako manghud. And honestly, tago lang ni tanan since naa pa xa sa ICU (and im not recommending to do the same in ICU.) at that morning pud on August 28, nakahulam ang attending doctor ni Papa ug gamit for dialysis, but to her dismay, firm kayo ako manghud sa iya desisyon na dili na mi mo-go for dialysis. Iya statement after sa argument nila sako manghud, “Mamatay ang pasyente kung dili ninyo ipadialysis”, which should have alarmed and shaken my brother’s decision. But since, he himself is also equipped with the healing power of barley after attending doctor’s events and several seminars, wala na xa natinag. (Though I am not against into any medical practitioners for that incident as they were only doing their jobs on what they thought is best to save my father). But of course, wala mi niundang ug pray at this time. Yes, only God knows and can miraculously heal him. And because of my brother’s hard headed decision, even after pila na ka advise nga mag dialysis na si papa, advise nalang pud sa doctor na igawas nalang siya sa hospital since useless iya pagstay sa hospital – which is mao jud pud amo nadecidan nalang pud. On that day, gibalhin na xa sa observation room (room for waiting for discharge), but at this time, naa na gamay improvements na naobserve sa iya. But dili pa sya madischarge at that day kay holiday man pud.
5 am on August 29, gibalita at I sang it was a pee that Pope was utro in his catheter. It was the first time to be the first time in the 26 s. It’s just a little bit of a little bit of daku, after having a kidney damage. Padaun lang gihapon xa sa drinking. In the s, he was the only one who was in the house of the house of the Philippines, but the patient was not able to die “. anyway, while he was still on the hospital, everytime he was moinom in barley, he was makasuka after A while. In, he realized that he was a part of the healing crisis in the Philippines.
FF. I will be the one who is in the house, wow, the one who is struggling with me, brother, he is the only one who can take care of you We are still going to have a chance to eat, and you will be able to eat a lot of time to eat. Every day, I can’t see her fast recovery: she is not able to get to sleep but she is not able to sleep because she is not able to sleep, but she will not be able to sleep, she will be able to get out of bed, there is . It’s a week after he’s in the house, he can go to the toilet, he’s just going to go to the house (Maglingkod2, Pahangin), he’s already my, and he’s going to sleep. It’s BP and this time nisaka that will go to 70/100. Yes, slowly, it’s back to normal iya’s physical appearance. There was a anam that he had a loss (Yellow skin), his eyes return to normal.
2 months today since he was discharged from the hospital, there is no mom in the pain of papa if he is a tan. He is the one who has been able to go to the old activities that will be the one who will be able to eat and every midnight, I will eat it if you want to be (no more mi gibawal), and he is already looking for me, baby
We, ourselves, still can’t believe that it saved my father’s life. Niabot na mi sa point at that time na dawaton nalang unsa ang iya dangatan coz he was really between life and death. And only a miracle can save him. But God is so good to us, He helped us find ways, and yes! A miracle did save him. I don’t know kung unsa ang resulta if we chose the medical procedure, but one thing is for sure as of now, healthy na balik si Papa and that because of God’s instrument to heal him, santé Barley Grass.
And yes, we are on grass!
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