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Sante International (The Barley Authority) is one of the fastest growing distribution company and network marketing company in the Philippines. Sante offer’s premier organic health and wellness products and services geared towards helping people live a better and quality of life.

Founded in 2008, SANTE INTERNATIONAL is governed by a formidable team of leaders backed by a combined marketing experience of 50 years. We built and continue to drive business growth through the dedication of our independent distributors. [more…]

Sante Barley Products and Business

Sante International proudly presents their products below (which has been awarded as Super Brands in the Philippines). The main raw material of all Sante products since its conception way back 2008 is from the certified pure young organic barley grass from Canterbury, New Zealand.

Kim Atienza
Sante Pure Barley NZ
Sante Beverages
Sante Fibr Energy Drink

And all the major product of Sante international today, namely; Sante Pure Barley NZ , Sante Barley Pure NZ, Sante Barley Fusion, Sante Choco Barley, Sante C’est Bon and recently the Sante Barley Max are from the 100% young organic barley grass. [more…]


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