Why Network Marketing Industry?

Why Network Marketing Industry? It creates the lifestyle we truly want!

The network marketing industry has been in existence as early as the 1920’s. It’s simple, people trust the opinion of people they know much more than they trust the opinion of someone they do not. Thus, the concept of network marketing was born. It’s not complex, it doesn’t require a lot of overhead or expensive equipment, no employees needed, they offer great products and you get paid for your efforts.

Robert KiyosakiThe network marketing industry is always evolving and always changing. It’s on a continuous growth, and so should you. Stay current by reading newsletters, articles, courses, and attending live seminars.

Robert Kiyosaki stated that people who go into the network marketing industry to simply make quick cash, will often be unsuccessful with this form of business. For those who are serious about this type of business and what it has to offer, what should be important is wanting to help others as well as themselves. There needs to be passion and belief in the products being supplied.

What is network marketing?

First, let’s define network marketing? Very simply, it’s a distribution model that brings products to the market through word of mouth advertising via direct sales. Simple right? That’s all network marketing is… a distribution model that uses word of mouth advertising to get their products into the marketplace.

The Network Marketing business model addresses most of the concerns mentioned above. It is first and foremost a personal journey of development and growth. It is usually based on helping others and showing them how to do the same. During this process one’s focus often shifts from being completely self-oriented to others oriented. The resulting personal growth often allows for creation of a personal network in which many people are rewarded for exhibiting the kinds of personal qualities and maturity that we all seek in our personal development quest. Unlike the conventional business model each person is given the time they need to develop and grow themselves and their business with no fear of failure or firing.

Network marketing is unique in that it is a “people helping people” business, and when you understand this concept completely, you’ll then recognize it as “smart business.” You see, at your job, if something happens to you, like you get sick or something of that nature, and you can’t work, guess what   you don’t get paid. But if you have a lot of people that you help regularly in their business, each doing a little to contribute to your business as well, and something happens to you, you still get paid, because even though you may not be able to work that day… someone else can and is.

How network marketing works?

Network Marketing usually works by making contact with people you come across in your everyday life. Start by talking to family and friends, get them to try the products and ask for their support in what you are doing. It’s all about a lot of people do a little!

Sante Barley financial freedom

So why network marketing?

Because it is the greatest opportunity to create a lifestyle we’ve all only imagined, but more importantly, it’s the greatest opportunity to make a difference in this world. To be truly significant in the lives of others and uplift, inspire, and empower the people of this world!

How to succeed in network marketing?

The first step to network marketing success is to understand that you MUST start going above and beyond the average network marketer.  So what does that mean? It means you need to spend time to learn the business, the benefits of the products or services, become an expert of your companies compensation plan and benefits and mostly tell the truth.

Build your network marketing business using the internet. Leverage what’s already in place to propel you to success without the struggle that most network marketers experience.

Work the system and the system will work for you.

The Truth About Network Marketing   Is It A Real Business Or A Pyramid Scheme

The network marketing or multi-level marketing (MLM) business has become associated with pyramid schemes. According to the U.S. Federal Trade Commission, many MLM Serious_optimizedschemes “simply use the product to hide their pyramid structure”. While some people call MLMs in general “pyramid selling,” others use the term to denote an illegal pyramid scheme masquerading as an MLM.


In network marketing too often people understand prospecting as talking to everyone in sight about your product and then convincing them to buy. This is like gathering every rock in sight and then trying to convince the buyer they have gold in them! If we saw a prospector doing this we’d say he/she was crazy, right? Contrary to what you may have been told not everyone is your prospect.

Network marketing is an easy and at times challenging get rich quick scheme that may not work for everybody but if one has the determination to do what it takes, then that person will succeed.

While network marketing has come into its own since the internet but what many people do not realize is that it came onto the scene long before the internet even existed? Some companies just seem to be built to last. By examining some of the network marketing pioneers that are still around today, we can learn quite a bit about what works and what doesn’t. These USA network marketing companies have withstood the test of time and we could all learn a thing or two from them.

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