Did You Know That Barley Grass is a Total Complete Food?

What is Barley Grass?

Barley is a multi-functioning superfood (or even classified as a total complete food” by Dr. Yoshihide Hagiwara) that can be used in several different ways throughout its life span. Barley at full maturation is a widely used grain, which is used in many products from cereals, to breads, to livestock feed. The great thing about this crop is the fact that it is highly adaptable to its surroundings; it can be grown in wet or dry regions as well as warm or cool. While there are many, many purposes for barley as a fully matured grain, the truly amazing benefits come before it’s fully matured and while it is a tender grass.

Did you know that Barley Grass is beneficial to people with arthritis, asthma, skin problems, obesity, anemia, constipation, impotence, hypertension, diabetes, heart disease, kidney problems and many more?

Barley Grass
Barley Grass

When barley is fully grown it is considered a grain, however, when barley is young and in the grass state, before the grain develops, it is more closely related to dark green leafy vegetables. This green grass is truly an amazing nutritional source that has been linked to some seriously healthy benefits dating all the way back to 2,000 BC.

History behind Barley Grass?

As far as ancient is concerned, there are several ancient people like Greeks who used to consume barley with medicinal value beyond reasonable doubt. Greeks and Egyptians where one of the major consumers back then who used to focus  on barley mostly on the medicinal side and the fact that it used to produce wine and beer.  Hippocrates (known as the father of medicine) use barley in his medicine practice, barley have mention by the Christian Bible 37 times, barley also has mention a number of times in Muslim Koran and was used by ancient gladiators, roman soldiers and Chinese warriors.

The proper scientific name of Barley grass is “Hordeum vulgare”.

Benefits of Barley Grass
Benefits of Barley Grass

Organic Barley Grass

The young organic barley grass (as it is harvested in an organic farm) is what is treasured most in terms of grains production and quality. Commonly barley was consumed either though fermenting process to beer and wine. In some countries, barley in one of major raw material of brewing both beer and wine which sales beyond reasonable doubt to both farmers and consumers. Some companies on the other hand produces barley bread through processing mature grains fully. Others process the Young Barley grass to health products. And talking of health products, that is where sante international come on board.

Benefits of Barley Grass and its side effects

Sante Barley grass can be very beneficial for people who have arthritis, asthma, skin problems, obesity, anemia, constipation, impotence, hypertension, diabetes, heart disease, and kidney problems. Many of the nutrients in barley grass are very strong antioxidants that protect the body from free radical damage and enhance the immune system. Chlorophyll in barley grass is antibacterial and detoxifies the body. It also reduces fecal, urine, and body odors.

Try as much as possible to read wide and read in depth about the barley products and its side effects before you start consuming. Some of the ingredients used in the product might react negatively which is not always a good thing. For someone to ensure that whatever goods they are selling is good, research has to be done also.

Serious about your health, call a mentor
Serious about your health, call a mentor

Sante International in general is one of the best of the best companies selling real organic products and they are spreading their wings internationally slowly by slowly.

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