Sante International is the Sante Barley Company : The Barley Authority

logo-only_optimizedSANTE INTERNATIONAL is one of the fastest growing distribution company and network marketing company in the Philippines. Sante offer’s premier organic health and wellness products and services geared towards helping people live a better and quality of life.

Founded in 2008, SANTE INTERNATIONAL is governed by a formidable team of leaders backed by a combined marketing experience of 50 years. We built and continue to drive business growth through the dedication of our independent distributors.


Driven by our promise to bring best-value wellness products and services in every home, SANTE INTERNATIONAL is committed to equip and empower our distributors who serve as the channel towards a healthy and active lifestyle for our consumers.



A Global Provider of Premier Wellness Product and Services


Help People Live Better Lives


  • Sincerity in Helping Others
  • Putting Other People First
  • Pursuit of Excellence
  • Courage to Try New Things
  • Truthfulness and Humility in all our Actions
  • Celebration for Every Win

Sante Products has been awarded as Super Brands!

To garnered such awards was not easy as it gone through a lots of evaluation of the products, its factual ingredients, its results and its claim as it is from pure organic young barley from certified organic farm in New Zealand.

Hence, Sante International claim that – Sante is the Barley Authority!

The Sante company right now have managed to have almost 100 Sante Barley branches worldwide. This means that Sante is on its course of being the “global provider of premier wellness products and services”. As the CEO Jesus Joey Marcelo had mention in one of his talk that the plan of Sante is to open 3 countries each year for the next 15 years starting year 2015.

As part of the values of Sante International which is “Sincerity in Helping Others”, Sante had been active in helping others thru joining hand in hand with charity institutions. Recently Sante International joined with ABS-CBN Lingkod Kapamilya Foundations “Kapamilya Konek” as a sponsor for radio shows.

The credibility of the sante products and its popularity was also due to a number of sante endorsers that are also users of Sante products. In fact recently in the Philippines, the celebrity Mr. Piolo Pascual endorsed the new product of Sante which is  “Sante Barley Max” with the slogan of – I’m on Grass!

Events, Activities and Projects of Sante International

Yearly, Sante International opens the year with a bang! By having the Sante Unang Salvo event that happens 1st month of the year. In this event, Sante CEO Jesus Joey Marcelo are sharing the good news of Sante and its plan for the year to come. This is the time as well that the awards will be shown to deserving distributors / business partners of Sante.

The “unang salvo” event is also followed by another yearly event which is called “Sante Barley Domination Run“. Thou this happens twice only from year 2013 and now 2015 – Sante International wants this event to be done yearly. It is basically a fun-run and one day event that challenges distributors and business partners to run for health and wellness. A number of participants as well are joining the event.

For the first time, Sante International is conducting its first Annual Business conference. This conference will be held on July 20, 2015 at Le Pavillion, Pasay City, Manila Philippines. This conference is a prelude of Sante barley business to go global.

Recently, over the years Sante International manage to acquire some properties for the distributors and business partners to use such as a property in Royale Tagaytay, Pico De Loro and the Sante Yatch. These acquisition was name as PROJECT X.

Sante International also has been so popular in the sports arena as its focus is on the Sante barley sports concepts. More to this, Sante barley owns a TRIATHLETE TEAM called Sante Tri-Team. The Sante Tri-Team has been competing locally and internationally. In fact, the Sante Tri-Team garnered the awards of the number Tri-Team in Philippines.  Also, the Sante Tri-Team is competing in IRON MAN Tour in Australia.

Where the Sante Tri-Team does its Training? Of course in the Sante Impact System gym located right below the Sante International office in Ortigas, Manila Philippines.  The Difference of this gym compare to others as such been claimed by the CEO of Sante is that – not just that they will train the Sante Tri-Team here, this is also for the Sante distributors and business partners. Also, the program is different as it uses the state of the art technology.

Also, Sante have partners to a number of Doctors to take care of these athletes as well as sharing the product knowledge and expertise of barley grass to Sante business partners. Either this is during training or during the LIVE SBP (Sante Business Presentation)!

Lastly, from the start of its conception way back 2008 to now – Sante International is going forward to the global market.  How competitive is Sante International?

Well, just look at the product – PURE ORGANIC BARLEY GRASS!

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