My Sante Store App FAQ



1. What is the My Sante Store Mobile App?

The My Santé Store App is the official e-commerce app for Santé Business Owners. It
will help you track your commission, order products for your inventory, and more! This
way, you can make business decisions and provide customers with their health and
wellness products wherever you are.

2. Where can I download My Sante Store Mobile App?

On your mobile device, The My Santé Store App is available for iOS and Android users.
Just open the Apple Store or Google Play Store on your cell phone or tablet and
download the app. (go to Q3)

If you are using a desktop, you may access it at

3. How can I download the My Sante Store App to my device?

You may download it here:

  • Android: My Sante Store – Apps on Google Play
  • IOS: My Santé Store on the App Store (

Using your device, you may also scan the QR Codes here:

4. Where is My Sante Store available?

Starting July 19, Business Owners in the Philippines can use the My Sante Store mobile
app! Coming soon for Santé Business Owners in 7 global markets – Cyprus, Hong Kong,
Macau, Nigeria, Qatar, Singapore, UAE.

5. As an existing Business Owner, how do I register?

For existing Santé Business Owners, you can log in on the app using your ID or
username and password.

6. As a new Business Owner, how do I register?

  1. Open the My Santé Store App.
  2. Tap the ‘Register’ button at the upper right corner on the Log-in screen.
  3. Select “Individual” or “Company” on the registration type.
  4. Choose between “Business Owner” or “Retailer” on the membership type.
  5. Click on the product package and your delivery option.
  6. Fill in your personal information and the details of your Santé Sponsor.
  7. Verify if all the information you provided is correct and click next.
  8. If you live in the Philippines, select the credit or debit card via iPay.
  9. For international Santé Business Owners, choose PayPal and log in using your
    PayPal account.
  10. Choose a unique username and password before completing your

7. What are the 4 key features of the app, that are relevant to me as Business Owner?

  • AUTOSHIP is a unique feature in Santé’s ecommerce platform. Instead of doing the tedious process of regularly buying products. Autoship allows you as the Business Owner to automatically order and receive your products at your chosen schedule which is fixed at monthly intervals.
  • My Wallet – Commissions – You will be able to view your commissions in real-time.
  • My Wallet – Greenium – You will be able to view your Greenium available balance. You will also be able to top-up your Greenium.
  • Disbursements – You will be able to view your disbursements in real-time.

NOTE: Commission Disbursements is accessible on the member back office, but will be updated on the app as a feature soon.

8. How do I shop?

  1. After logging in to the My Santé Store App, you can click on the ‘Shop’ button.
  2. Choose from the 3 main product categories: Regular, Premium, and Autoship.
  3. Scroll through the list of Santé products and select the items you want to order. Add the items to the cart.
  4. Click on your cart to see the total amount of your order. Verify the items and tap the ‘checkout’ button if you’re ready to order.
  5. At the shipping page, select your preferred mode of delivery. You can also pick up the items you ordered at the Santé office.
  6. Provide your complete address in the delivery option.
  7. Next, you can select your preferred payment option. You can choose from credit card, debit card, Greenium, or cash on delivery.
  8. Complete your order and wait for the order confirmation which will automatically appear on the screen.

9. How do I auto-ship?

Under shop, select AUTOSHIP. Then select the desired products making sure you purchase worth the amount of products in your basket equivalent to your rank. Tap on ADD TO CART, and follow the same procedure of checking out. On the PAYMENT page, AUTOSHIP will only allow all payment options including credit card and Greenium.

10.How do I view orders?

To View Order Status Scroll down and tap the order icon box. You can now see the
status of each order in real time for easy tracking. You can also check the time frame of
each order.

11.How do I view commissions?

Scroll down below your profile and you can view the commissions summary under the
wallet tab. Clicking this will show your total commissions with the amount displayed on

12.How do I view disbursements?

Next to the commissions tab you can click this to view the disbursement summary which
is categorized in a time frame calendar.

13.How do I view my Dream Quest Points?

On the Landing page, you can also see outright your Dream Quest Points categorized
on your current rank and also shows the level of your points available.

14.How do I transfer Greenium?

  1. On the landing page, scroll down to the Wallet tab.
  2. Second category below the commissions tab is your greenium account.
  3. Click on this tab so that you can top up Greenium through your bank account tied with your Business owner account.
  4. On the same page you can also choose to transfer your Greenium to any
    member under you using his or her Sante member profile.

15.Where can I view my favorite Sante Products?

  1. In the Products Page, you can HEART the product or share the product page to your social media or chat platforms.
  2. Giving a HEART to a product adds that product among your FAVORITES, which shows on the upper right portion of the screen.
  3. This provides a convenient way to BUY again the products you frequently purchase.

16.What other features should we expect on the My Sante Store Mobile App?

  • Request Disbursements
  • Download a Santé Dummy Check


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