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Did You Know The Recommended Dosage of Barley?

Here’s what is the recommended dosage of barley to our illnesses.

Knowing the right recommended dosage of barley is very crucial to someone that is looking forward to be healed or cured.  Please remember that barley is not a cure to all illnesses. Barley can enhance (give more power to) our immune system to fight whatever illnesses you have.

Though the excessive consumption of Sante Pure Barley grass have no side effects or overdose, it is still important to know what are required and how much.

This guide is intended for the usage of Sante Pure Barley Grass powder. In giving the right dosage, remember these three important things:

  1. Know first the severity of their condition
  2. Advice them the effects of “healing crisis” for their specific illness
  3. Remind them to activate their “Happy Hormone


The Three Category of Illnesses




Uncomplicated HypertensionUncontrolled HypertensionAdvanced stages of cancer
Uncomplicated DiabetesUncontrolled DiabetesDiabetes with multiple organ involvement
Uncomplicated rheumatoid ArthritisComplicated ArthritisMetabolic Syndrome
Common Acute bacterial and viral illnessAggressive Viral or Bacterial IllnessesComatose
Benign TumorsMalignant tumors in its early stageRenal Failure
Simple obesityComplex ObesityHeart Failure
ConstipationGastric or Peptic UlcerLiver cirrhosis
Acute Diarrhea (Not Bloody Mucoid)PsoriasisSevere Asthma
GastritisGoiter with impaired functionSevere COPD
Localized Skin infectionsPainful neuropathies
HypotensionModerate Bronchial Asthma
Mild Neuropathy
Stroke recovery
Simple Goiter
Gallbladder stones
Kidney Stones
Mild Bronchial Asthma
Acquired Hypersensitivity

Note: One Sachet of Sante Pure Barley Juice is equivalent to 3 grams

Sante Pure Barley NZ
Sante Pure Barley NZ


  • Minimum Dose of 6 grams per day, maximum of 9 grams (2-3 sachets of Pure Barley Juice)
  • Diet restrictions – control on acidic foods(Foods that are cooked, processed, and not organic)
  • Healing Crisis may last for 2-10 days Water intake should not be less than 3 liters a day


  • Minimum dose of 9 grams per day, maximum of 18 grams (3-6 sachets of Pure Barley Juice)
  • Diet restrictions – control on acidic foods. Increase on alkaline diet (Alkaline diet – eating fresh fruits and vegetables)
  • Healing Crisis may last for 2-14 days
  • Water intake should not be less than 4 liters a day


  • Minimum dose of 15 grams per day, maximum of 36 grams(5-12 sachets of Pure Barley Juice)
  • Diet restrictions – No acidic foods. Pure alkaline diet
  • Healing Crisis may or may not occur
  • Water intake should not be less than 5 liters a day. (Control it to 1.5 liters if renal function is impaired).


Barley Grass has no significant interactions with drugs, although precaution is advised for patients who are taking anticoagulants.

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