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7 Great Lies in Network Marketing That You Should Know by Now

Lies in Network Marketing that we must know

We are human being and lying is already part of our DNA – of course others would contradict this. For network marketers, this is common. There are lots of lies in network marketing business that had been used numerous times just to lure or deceived others to join. I myself, I admit I used some of them before either unintentionally as well as unknowingly.

Actually I would say it is not so much lie, it is what we believed as per what our sponsors or up lines have said.

By writing these lies in network marketing industry here in my blog made me realized that i used some of them before and even recently. Now that i know that these are lies – I will make sure not used it again. Because this will not bring any good deeds to my business.

Here are the 7 Great Lies in Network Marketing Industry

Lie #1 – Everyone is your prospect!

I admit I used this statement a number of times. I am sorry!

Why? Because this is NOT TRUE. The right statement should be…

EVERYONE is a SUSPECT… and among them are your PROSPECT

Some of us use this statement: “Everyone wants this, they just don’t know it yet!

Here’s the fact: All the people you’ve met either your friends, relatives, family members or even just a sit-mate in the bus or jeep or metro – are suspects. They are your suspects and you need to qualify them before you would consider them as your PROSPECT.

How to qualify your SUSPECTS to be your PROSPECTS? Please visit this link.

Lie #2 – We are not selling. We just share the product to people (…It’s not selling. It’s sharing!)

I used this lines too; though I knew that this was a bit of a lie – I kepted using this statement until just recently.

Here’s the fact; when you’ve exchanged your products with money – is already Direct selling processselling. Yes… you share the products to your friends or suspects/prospects; then they asked how much. You reveal the price; then they give you money in exchange for the product – THAT IS SELLING!

Network marketing business is a new way of distribution of products to customer without going to the traditional distribution process. So, you as a distributor of the products (SELLER); and your friends who you said you share the products and paid you in money – is the CUSTOMER.

Here are the two major side effects of this lie:

  • Side Effect #1. There’s a huge deficiency of proper sales training because if it’s not sales, then there’s no need for sales skills. As a result, people are thrown to the wolves totally unprepared to retail their products and their opportunity.
  • Side Effect #2. People are set up for failure because they’re given false expectations about how easy this is going to be. Labeling this whole business as “sharing” makes it sound like child’s play. New distributors are given the impression they’re doing one thing, when in fact it’s something else entirely. They think this is going to be a cakewalk and when they find out it’s not they aren’t too likely to stick around.

Remember this… If You Are In Network Marketing, You Are In Sales.

Lie #3 – Anyone can do this!

I would say, this is half-truth and half-lie.

Here’s the fact. Not all network marketers are created equal and everyone that comes into this business have their own bagage. They have different advantages and disadvantages. they have different norms and practices. They have different backgrounds and upbringing from parents. They have different views and expectations. They have different beliefs…

Remember we are in the selling business.

But almost 90% of our prospects hates sales though they wants to have extra money. Only 10% wants to work extra 7 to 10 hours a week for the next 2 to 4 years. The rest 90%, they don’t want to sell; they just want to wait.

This business is only for those who have dedication to achieve what they want!

Lie #4 – We’ll build your business for you.

This is realy realy realy a lie… There’s no truth in here.

In fact, what mostly happened was that… after you paid your distributors kit or membership and product package – your sponsor is nowhere to be found.

Now, remember that you invest your money to the business. It means you have to work for it. Yes your sponsor can help you. Yes the company can help you and yes the group you belongs to can help you.

But you need to carry 60% or more of the work to build your business.

Building a house is not an overnight job. It is made by brick-by-brick. It should be made the way you wanted it.

Lie #5 – We have the best product ever!

Now it’s not that this statement isn’t necessarily true (although often it isn’t)… it’s that it doesn’t matter. Like most of them, this lie takes on many different forms.

Here’s just a few of the variations:

  • The product sells itself!
  • Nothing else on the market can even compare to this!
  • We have the most lucrative compensation plan in the industry!
  • Our leadership team is unbeatable!

The fact on the is, no matter how big or good is your company, product, compensation plan, benefits, leadership, support system and others; people doesn’t know them at all.

You need to market your product and show/present it to them. Marketing… Marketing… Marketing…

Please have this in mind…

You Can Have The Most Ground-Breaking Product In The World, But If You’re Not Using Effective Marketing, No One Will Know And No One Will Care.

Lie #6 – You just don’t have enough belief!

Well, I am proud to say – I never used this line. Though I’ve heard this couple of times mention (not literally) in some trainings I had attended. We were told that the reason we aren’t successful yet is because we just don’t have enough belief. Or we don’t have a big enough “why”.

So what you gonna do? Listen to inspirational CDs. Cut out pictures of the car you want to buy and the places you want to go. You put those pictures everywhere – your fridge, your dashboard, your cupboard doors, your computer monitor – so you’re constantly reminded of what you’re working so hard for. You think positive. You go to every meeting you possibly can to energize your battery and “pump” yourself up for the week. And many more…

Stop and think about it for a minute. Really think about it. Is that how it works? Is fanatical motivation really the missing ingredient to success? Last time I checked, you don’t need to have a huge “why” and a dream board just to make an average $30,000 income with a job.

So why do we need all that stuff in network marketing? I mean, wouldn’t it make sense that if you were doing what you’re supposed to be doing, you’d at least be able to make a comparable income with your business?

Here’s the reality, in network marketing you need to have a drive to success.

That is why you need motivation. This drive to succeed will allow you to do business presentations. This will drive you allocate 7 to 10 hours a week (at least) for the next 2 to 4 years.

And if you do… you will have results….

Lie #7 – The proven system.

This statement is also somehow true because we still needs to identify what system are we talking about.

The so-called “proven” business plan is a broken-down, rusted system that’s composed of faulty techniques and out-dated methods. And the worst part about it is that not only doesn’t it work, it’s severely harmful to your business (and your social life). The only thing that the proven system is proven to do, is cause massive failure.

According to the annual reports of many mlm companies, along with research done by numerous tax preparation services, only 1-2% of network marketers earn substantial incomes. Similar studies indicate that 97% of network marketers never reach a positive cashflow in their business. These sobering numbers give solid proof to the fact that the strategies and techniques being taught only work for a very small percentage of people.

Please understand, when I refer to “the proven system,” I’m not talking about network marketing itself, but the way people build network marketing.

For me the system that works is when a product that is “conversationally” marketed can have more sales compare to the one in the store. Furthermore, for the distributors – if the system that they were saying is not “duplicable” or can be duplicated by anybody – it is a broken system.

DUPLICATION is the KEY to succeed in MLM business..

So there you have it. The 7 great lies of network marketing. I was a victim of every single one of them for quite a long time. I never knew any better because that’s all I’d ever been taught. If I hadn’t been willing to look around and keep an open mind, who knows how long I would have continued beating my head against a wall.

I hope it’s given you some fresh insight into this business and helped you realize that there is a better way to do it.


Mentor Jhulshttp://entrustsystem.com/
My name is Julius Suralta aka “Mentor Jhuls”. I am one of the Sante Barley business owner and mentor based in Dubai, UAE. I do believe that mentoring my business partners is the best approach to get what they want in this business. I'm not a good blogger nor a good writer. I only write on what i know.  If you need assistance or clarification - call/message/viber/whatsup/line/WeChat +971561778244 / +971559832449 or email santebarleyreview@gmail.com.

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