Mentor Diamond Director Lito Labrador


Our Mentor Diamond Director Lito Labrador!

Mentor Lito Labrador is currently living in Pasig Mentor Manila. He was raised in Pinamalayan Oriental Mindoro.  He is married to Liza and blessed with only daughter. He was an OFW once from Saudi Arabia working as mechanic.

Mentor Lito Labrador was forced to go back to Philippines and leave his post in Saudi Arabia. Because of the challenge faced by his wife (Lisa) as she was having a rare fungus infection severely damaging her lungs.While in Philippines, he has no permanent job. He took whatever that is available for him and his family to survive just to get by. He prayed to GOD that he will never give up and ask for guidance on what to do.

Lito Labrador
Lito Labrador

Sante Pure Barley Powder and Sante Barley Pure capsules was introduced to him by his friend. He falls in love with the product as it helped his wife.

AND YES!!  It is not surprising.., I will not be here sharing my story if Santé did not work for her.    My wife is healthy, good as new with no fungus on her lungs.  She is healed and more beautiful that ever. Three years later being “on grass” .., doing business with Santé International and having a SANTE LIFE I realized the little help I ask from GOD turned into an amazing BLESSING.

Congratulations and kudos to Mentor Lito Labrador on his success in Sante Barley.

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