What is Healing Crisis or Herxheimer Reaction


Since most people base their health on how good they feel, they may think the natural health program they are using is hurting them when a healing crisis takes place. But nothing could be further from the truth. A healing crisis, or healing reaction, is a temporary worsening of symptoms that occurs when the body is going through the process of healing itself through the elimination of toxins.

It occurs when the body “retraces” old injuries, wounds, infections or other imbalances from its past. A healing crisis has many different names. Some of these include: healing reactions, flare-ups, retracing reactions, detox reactions, Herxheimer reactions, Jarisch-Herxheimer reactions, die-off reactions, the reversal process, Lucio’s Phenomena, purification reactions or a crisis.

A Healing Crisis is a Welcome Part of a Natural Healing Regimen

A healing crisis is an important aspect of an effective natural, deep healing process. Even though the crisis is uncomfortable and sometimes alarming in nature, a healing crisis is a good sign that the body is working to heal itself. If a particular therapy does not produce a healing crisis, an alternate therapy may be required to accomplish the detoxification necessary to overcome illness and disease.

Symptoms of a Healing Crisis

The symptoms that accompany a healing crisis may include:

  • Headache, flushing, skin eruptions and/or boils, fever, nausea, joint pains
  • Feelings of being spaced out, unusual fatigue, insomnia, sleepiness, congestion
  • Strong emotions, depression, irritability, muscle cramps, aches and pains
  • Constipation, diarrhea, hot/cold flashes, night sweats
  • And many other symptoms which are often cold and/or flu-like.

A healing crisis will often bring up past issues, “retracing”, that have been dormant in your body for a long time … past illnesses and disease may re-manifest as the body eliminates the toxins that have been stored from those disease processes. Symptoms can be quite intense when the healing crisis is dealing with serious past illnesses and disease such as an old case of hepatitis, shingles, viral infections or pneumonia.

The symptoms and pain of the healing crisis are often more intense than the disease or illness that is being treated. Remember, it is only temporary. And it is the path to renewed health.

A healing crisis usually lasts two to three days, but can extend for much longer periods of time, even weeks. More than one healing crisis may be necessary for a complete cure to take place. When dealing with a more serious illness or disease, such as cancer, you may have to go through many healing crises before full health can be restored.

What Causes a Healing Crisis?

The stage is set for a healing crisis when the body is overloaded with toxins that have been trapped within its tissues for a long period of time – sometimes for many decades. As a general rule, the more toxic the body is, the more intense the healing crisis will be. As healing begins, many systems in the body work together to eliminate waste products and toxins and can become overwhelmed by the process. Remember, these symptoms are temporary, and once they pass, the body is healthier and stronger.

A healing crisis is generally initiated by some type of cleanse or detox process, such as a dietary change (cultured foods high in probiotics, coconut products), supplements (B12, probiotics, herbs), a detoxifying treatment or therapy (chiropractic care, ozone treatments/therapy, rife treatments/therapy, acupuncture, homeopathy, psychotherapy) or a period of fasting. It occurs when the cells within the body release toxins and impurities faster than the body’s elimination systems (skin, liver, bladder, kidneys and lungs) are able to process them.

A healing crisis can also be produced by a treatment or therapy that causes yeast, viruses, bacteria, cancer, etc. to have massive die-offs. The dead cells can overwhelm the elimination processes as they are expelled from the body.

If the symptoms become extreme, a wise course of action could entail slowing down the detoxification process allowing the body time to catch up.

There are also ways to assist the body during a healing reaction. These can include: drinking plenty of fluids especially water to help carry off the toxins and getting plenty of rest – mentally, physically and emotionally.

I started taking barley, and I feel worse. Why?

When you make a change in your diet, your body often goes through a cleansing known as detoxification. This can manifest itself in fatigue, rashes, headaches, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, insomnia or constipation depending on the state of your health or your diet. It is your body flushing out toxins and will soon pass.

Barley grass have a detoxifying effect. People with large amounts of toxins in their systems may experience a “cleansing reaction”, such as mild headaches or increased elimination. That’s why it’s best to begin slowly when taking barley grass.

Barley is cleaning the cholesterol that are in our blood and it repairs the veins (such as blood clots) where the bloods are passes. That is why some reaction can be experience from our body.

What about detoxification?

Many symptoms can be related to detoxification. If so, they will slowly disappear. To speed up the detoxification process, drink plenty of purified water. If some cases it may be wise to reduce the amount of Santé Pure Barley taken while the body gets use to it and toxins are dealt with.

What are the possible reactions with hypertensive patients?

  • Headache, mild fluctuations in blood pressure
  • Sleepiness, feeling of light-headedness
  • Intermittent claudication
  • Occasional mild chest pain

What are the possible reactions for arthritic patients?

  • Joint pains, mild to moderate
  • Fever, mild
  • Sleepiness, light-headedness

What are the possible reactions for diabetic patients?

  • Headache
  • Dizziness
  • Mild fluctuations in FBS
  • Sleepiness
  • Intermittent claudication
  • Occasional chest discomfort

What is the best way to minimize healing crises?

Drink lots and lots of mineralized water to facilitate fast toxin disposal and cellular repair.

Will I have an allergic reaction to barley grass?

No. The powdered juice is taken from the leaves of barley grass not mature grain; it is the gluten content in barley grain which causes allergies. None of the ingredients in Santé young organic barley grass contain gluten.

If it take barley grass, should I also take other supplements?

There is no need for you to take other supplement because barley grass provides the wide range of essential nutrients and is so finely balanced.

How to consume barley grass?

It is advisable to consume 1 teaspoon (3g) twice a day 30 minutes before meal as barley grass works best on an empty stomach. For those who are ill it is advisable to increase the amount to 1 sachet 3 times a day and for people with quite severe illness this can be increase the serving size depending on your needs and state of health. Take either cold or room temperature water and consume it immediately or it will lose its nutrients due to oxidization.

Why do we need to use room temperature or cold water?

Because the barley has live enzymes and other nutrients that will be destroyed by using hot, warm or iced water.

Can Santé Pure Barley be mixed in a hot beverage?

Because heat and acidity can affect enzymatic activity, it is recommended that Santé Pure Barley not to be taken in any of the following; cranberry or prune juice, carbonated drinks or hot drinks.

Can I make up a large amount of Santé Pure Barley and keep it in the refrigerator?

No, live nutrients are release when Santé Pure Barley is mixed with the proper liquids and should be taken no more than 20 minutes or so after preparation. When live nutrients are no longer protected by fiber, the will begin to oxidize and “die”. Santé Pure Barley should be taken immediately after preparation in order to receive the maximum amount of nutritional benefit.

Barley Grass has no significant interactions with drugs for it is a grass pack with antioxidant, nutri3ents, vitamins, enzymes and etc. In short Barley is a SUPERFOOD.

Santé Barley:

FDA Approved, HALAL Approved and harvested from certified Bio-Gro Farm from New Zealand.

In summary:

Healing crises are good even though they make you feel bad. They are a sign that the healing process chosen is working by eliminating the body of toxins, impurities and imbalances in the body. The healing crisis lets you know that you are on the right path to renewed health and vigor. “No pain, no gain” is truly applicable when talking about a healing crisis.

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