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Certified Organic Barley Grass from BIOGRO

BioGro Certification

Certified Organic Barley Grass

Not every farm that claims that they are organic farms. The Organic certification is a process for producers of organic food and other organic agricultural products. In general, any business directly involved in food production can be certified, including seed suppliers, farmers, food processors, retailers and restaurants. Requirements vary from country to country, and generally involve a set of production standards for growing, storage, processing, packaging and shipping that include:

  • avoidance of synthetic chemical inputs (e.g. fertilizer, pesticides, antibiotics, food additives), genetically modified organisms, irradiation, and the use of sewage sludge;
  • use of farmland that has been free from prohibited chemical inputs for a number of years (often, three or more);
  • for livestock, adhering to specific requirements for feed, housing, and breeding;
  • keeping detailed written production and sales records (audit trail);
  • maintaining strict physical separation of organic products from non-certified products;
  • undergoing periodic on-site inspections.

What is organic farming?

Organic farming works in harmony with nature rather that against it. This involves using techniques to achieve good crop yields without harming the natural environment or the people who live and work in it.  Organic farming does not mean going ‘back’ to traditional methods.

Organic farmers do not leave their farms to be taken over by nature; they use all the knowledge, techniques and materials available to work with nature. In this way the farmer creates a healthy balance between nature and farming, where crops and animals can grow and thrive.

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Certified Organic Barley Grass

Santé provides just organic barley from ranches licensed by BioGro, the New Zealand’s leading organic certification agency. BioGro is approved by the International Federation of Organic Farming Motions (IFOAM) which represents the best in worldwide natural criteria. The BioGro certificate guarantees us that there are no dangerous degrees of heavy steel, herbicide, and also insecticide deposits. New Zealand farms can not be “certified natural” if hazardous deposits are found. The ranch must go through residue testing as part of its certification.

Organic barley grass is a nutritional and dietary supplement made for human beings – us. Originating from the plant of the barley plant as well as harvested when the grass is under a foot high, this ‘super-food‘ is packed to the brim with nutrients and also is an effective antioxidant. A highly concentrated source of both minerals and vitamins, barley turf gives the body a hit of vitamins A, C, B1, B2, folic acid, and B12; calcium; iron; potassium; and also chlorophyll, ‘nature’s detoxifier’.

Barley grass is also among the only plants in nature that could provide the human body with every one of the 9 amino acids that are so vital for wellness and wellness, however which the physical body does not create.

Sante’s pure young organic barley grass acts as an aid in fat burning, healing of lesions, correcting blood glucose troubles and most importantly, as a general tonic. This impressive plant can be utilized as a preventative, if not restorative method to continuing to be condition complimentary.

To learn further info on the benefits of a number of organic supplements, visit, where you can purchase high quality organic barley lawn powder for use in sante barley juice, in addition to barley lawn pills.

  • has anti-inflammatory as well as anti-ulcer homes
  • neutralizes hefty steels in the blood
  • includes all eight of the crucial amino acids
  • promotes DNA maintenance and repair of the cell avoiding changes that frequently lead to cancer cells


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