Is there any barley grass side effects?

We, as human being are unique with each other specifically in relation to how our body processed food intake. I am pretty sure you will agree with me that if it give flourishing results to one person however the others – do not.  This is the same as well with barley and here i would like to share to you on what i knew the barley side effects.

barley grass benefits

First, lets take a closer look at barley;

  • Barley is a plant. The grain and leaves of barley is used to make medicine.
  • Barley is used for lowering blood sugar, blood pressure, and cholesterol, and for promoting weight loss. It is also used for digestive complaints including diarrhea, stomach pain, and inflammatory bowel conditions.
  • Some people use barley for increasing strength and endurance. Other uses include cancer prevention and treatment of a lung problem called bronchitis.
  • Barley is applied to the skin for treating boils.
  • In foods, barley is used as a source of vitamins, carbohydrates, proteins, and fatty oils.
  • In manufacturing, barley is used as a food grain, natural sweetener, and as an ingredient for brewing beer and making alcoholic beverages.

The Side effects of barley consumption

So many people may react either positively or negatively based on the fact that, not all will always be favored by pure organic products.

Our PURE YOUNG ORGANIC Barley grass from New Zealand has no known side-effects in the sense that it is pure organic. We have been certified by BIO-GRO in New Zealand.

Of course, there may also be side effects if one has a sensitivity or allergy toward barley.

Those who have allergies may experience an itchy, burning mouth or throat, vomiting and even LBM (loose bowel movement).  If one is intolerant of or sensitive to gluten or has celiac disease, it is possible to have an allergic reaction in the small intestine, which can cause even larger health problems with the bones, brain, liver, nervous system and other organs.  People with celiac disease should avoid the substance.

Some of the reactions that people are advised not to go beyond or go ahead with consumption are mostly pregnant mothers. Pregnant mothers in most cases react with barley and they are advised to take precautionary measures when they are consuming.

Herxheimer Reaction
Herxheimer Reaction

Reasons of the Barley Grass Side Effects

Since others still seeing as barley grass has side effects. Let me explain it to you clearly about the side-effects that others are seeing!

This means that your body is in the process of detoxification.  To the most people that i talk, interviewed and research – the above mention barley grass side effects are cause by detoxification.

it means, barley is cleaning the toxins in our body and the way it has been remove are thru some of the process above mention.

The advice that I’ve got was;

STOP taking barley grass for at least 1 to 5 days!

As this would let your body rest and will have time to recover. After which, take the barley again.

Let me asked you this… when taking the barley grass either juice or capsule – were you feel tired? I am pretty sure, you did not! You were not tired and in fact you were still so energetic that you’ve gone through the day.

It is because of barley! While it detoxify your body and was releasing the toxins;

  • it gives you strength and strengthen your immune system
  • it gives you more stamina;
  • and it gives you more energy.

All of us had probably gone thru some sort of detoxification when we started using barley. The bottom line – barley protects your body from toxins and help you grow stronger and away from free-radicals.


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