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2018 Sante Cyprus Black Friday Promotion

Here's the 2018 Sante Cyprus Black Friday promotion this November! Sante barley cyprus recognize the important of Black Friday and we are proud to announce...

Sante Cyprus 1-Day Promo Extended

Santé Cyprus Opening Promo EXTENDED until November 4, 2018! Exclusive only until November 4 2018.Promo 1 : Purchase and register a builder pack from...

Sante Cyprus 1-Day Promo

Take advantage of this 1-day promo during the branch opening of the Santé Cyprus Office! Exclusive only for October 28 2018, opening day of Sante...

Sante Barley UAE Monthly Escapade

Here's the latest Sante Barley UAE Promotions for the year 2018. The 2018 Sante UAE Monthly Escapade! This promotion covers the month from September 2018 till...

Sante Barley Travel Galore

Here's the 2018 Sante Barley Travel Galore for all Sante Barley Business Owner! Promo Duration: September 1 to December 31, 2018 Destination per Home Country:Sante...

Sante Barley Singapore Ultimate Sale

Here's the latest Sante Barley Singapore Ultimate Sale! Purchase a Pure Barley 3+1 or Barley Pure 3+1 Pack and get two (2) boxes of Sante...

Sante Extreme Incentive in Qatar

Enjoy the all year long Sante Extreme Incentive in QATAR! Congratulations in advance to the deserving Sante UAE distributors. In Sante, you can finally own your...

Ramadan Thirst Quencher Treats

Here's the 2018 Ramadan Thirst Quencher Treats! For every three (3) boxes of Sante Fibre Energy (Barley, Chia & Oats), Green Tea and Choco Barley you...

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