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Friday, April 23, 2021

I have manage to collect some of the testimonials from our business partners who were already reach their objectives in joining the Santé business partnership program.

Either they were interested on the product side which is barley to cure their illnesses or doing the business as part-time business or even full-time business.


Our Testimonials

Mentor Lito Labrador

Mentor Diamond Director Lito Labrador

Our Mentor Diamond Director Lito Labrador! Mentor Lito Labrador is currently living in Pasig Mentor Manila. He was raised in Pinamalayan Oriental Mindoro.  He is married to Liza...
Sante Barley Supports April Boy Christian Album

April Boy Regino cured from CANCER

How April Boy Regino cured from CANCER? Jukebox King April Boy Regino, the so called "idol" who migrated to the US in 2005, revealed that...
Sante Barley Polycystic Ovary Syndrome Testimony (PCOS) by Abby Causapin

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome Testimony

A Sante Barley Polycystic Ovary Syndrome Testimony (PCOS) by Abby Causapin! Miss Abby Causapin share her ordeal and how she beat the PCOS. She is one...
Sante Barley Diabetes Testimony by Judita Cabalis

Diabetes Testimony by Judita Cabalis

A Sante Barley Diabetes Testimony by Judita Cabalis! Miss Judita Cabalis share her challenge of Diabetes and how Sante barley products help her beat it. Ms...
Sante Barley Stories - Cris Gallineto

My Sante Story: Arcris Gallineto, Administrative Assistant

Here's Mentor Arcris Gallineto with his testimony;https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H38saT64Sfo
Amazing Testimonial of KIDNEY

Amazing Testimonial of KIDNEY FAILURE

Here's a testimonial of KIDNEY FAILURE that claim was healed by using Sante Barley products! Here's a post from Facebook that I've gather. One of...
Jovannie Flores

Mentor Diamond Director Jovanie Flores

Our Mentor Diamond Director Jovanie Flores! A reality that all of us have dreams. But only few of us do everything we can to get our...
Sante Barley Kidney Failure Testimony by Maximino Mateor

Kidney Failure Testimony by Maximino Mateor

A Sante Barley Kidney Failure Testimony by Maximino Mateor! Mr Maximino Mateor has dialysis for 45 session (3x a week). He said all of the...
Sante Barley Stories

Sante Barley Stories

The Sante Barley Stories of Sante Barley Business Owners! It has been identified that a number of Sante Business owners in Philippines are so grateful...