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Earn your first Sante Infinity Bonus

How to earn your first Sante Infinity Bonus? Effective April 1, 2016 - In order for the new Sante barley distributor worldwide to receive its...

Infinity Point Balance reset to Zero

Infinity Point Balance will be reset to Zero! Yes, you read it right. Effective March 1, 2016. If a distributor was not able to maintain...

Sante Barley Party

Here's the Team DTA Sante Barley Party for February 2016! The first and foremost Sante Barley Party hosted by DTA group of Mr. Val de...

How to avail the Sante Barley Membership?

The Sante Barley Membership!The Sante Barley business is now going global. You can be a member in Sante barley anywhere in the world. Sante...

Sante Barley Distributor Pack Enhancements

The Sante Barley Distributor Pack Enhancements! These are the enhancements of the Sante Barley Distributor Pack. As always, our Sante Barley Distributors are so happy...

Sante UAE Driven Team Kick-off Meeting

The Sante UAE Driven Team Kick-off Meeting with Sante CEO Joey Marcelo! Good news to all my SANTE BARLEY BUSINESS PARTNER in Dubai, UAE and...

Sante Barley Distributors Car Owners

https://youtu.be/zscvvKo5-A4 Here's the Sante Barley Distributors Car Owners in 2015! The 2015 Sante Barley distributors car owners of Sante International. I am proud to share...

Sante Barley Mentors League

The 2015 Sante Barley mentors League! The 2015 Sante Barley Mentors League will be happening this September 12, 2015 at Sante Barley Eton Training Room.Speakers...

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