The Sante Barley Sports

Sante International is now focus on sports – The Sante Barley Sports!

We all know that our Sante barley products are great for athletes. It gives them more energy, stamina and strength. On this regard, Sante International is now more focus to sports – the Sante Barley Sports. More and more sports teams in Philippines are coming to Sante International for sponsorship.

Some of the benefits are;

  • Supply of Sante barley products
  • usage of Sante Impact System
  • coaching on how to take care of body and health from the experts
  • Uniforms and other arrangement that Sante International can provide

So far, below are the teams that have been blessed with the sponsorship of Sante International thru Sante Barley Sports;

  • The Sante Barley Triathlon Team (Sante Barley Tri-team)
  • The Sante Barley Cycling Team
  • De La Salle University (DLSU) Soccer Team (Men and Women)
  • La Salle Greenhills (LSGH) Soccer Team – High School and Grade School
  • International Little League Association of Manila – Baseball Team
  • Pilipinas Water Polo Sirens – The Philippine Water Polo Womens Team
Sante Barley Sports Team
Sante Barley Sports Team

The Sante IMPACT System

As Sante International put more attention in supporting our athletes, some of the support that Sante International provided is the usage of our Sante IMPACT System. For this benefits alone, our athletes will be guided on how to take care of their body and many more!

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