Unang Salvo 2013 reveals the new Sante Barley endorsers

Sante Barley Endorsers

Here’s the latest Sante Barley Endorsers!

Sante International hopes to have further wide distribution for the Filipino consumers to spread the blessings of good health and prosperity. As part of this drive, Sante barley introduce the latest Sante barley endorsers.

In the brochures distributed to members of the media for the upcoming Sante Unang Salvo event, Barley grass was said to have;

  • 30 times more Vitamin B1
  • 11 times as much as calcium than there is now in cow’s milk
  • 6.5 times as much as carotene
  • nearly 5 times the iron content of spinach
  • close to 7 times the Vitamin C in oranges
  • 4 times the Vitamin B1 in whole wheat flour
  • and 80 micrograms of Vitamin B12 per 100 grams of dried barely plant juice.

The new endorsers were officially launched by Sante International, a leading innovator of barley products, during a fun-filled event dubbed as “Unang Salvo: Sugod Tayo” held at the SMX Convention Center in Pasay City last Friday night, January 25, 2013.

Among the benefits of Barley grass listed in the brochures are the following:

  • It removes destructive toxins from the body
  • it helps retrieve various gastrointestinal conditions
  • it improves colon health
  • it lowers bad cholesterol levels
  • it improves blood circulation
  • it helps minimize body odor, “alkalinizes” the body
  • it helps relieve respiratory conditions
  • it may be useful in lowering blood sugar
  • it aids in digestion
  • and, it delays the aging process.

Two “Kapamilya” stars– Karylle and Kim Atienza– and triathlon coach Jomac– have become the official endorsers of Barley health products dubbed as “most strengthening grain” by athletes.

Sante International, in a statement, said they chose Karylle, Atienza and Jomac because they “fit the products as they are known for their healthy and active lifestyles.”.

It also cited the benefits that one can get from “young Barley grass,” which the company said comes from the “fertile plains” of Canterbury, New Zealand.

The health benefits of Barley has long been recognized in ancient times and considered as the most strengthening grain by athletes of the Ancient Greece and gladiators of Rome.

Sante International claimed that the “Barley based products” such as food supplements, barely soap, coffee and juice are the ‘best source of nutrients and aid to detoxify the body”.

Barely grass is considered a powerful anti-oxidant and immune-stimulant. Many of the enzymes, vitamins and minerals present in Barley grass act to protect the body from free radical damage and enhance our immune systems.

These qualities are believed to be helpful in preventing serious invasive disease.


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