Meet the Sante Barley Endorsers

Who are the Sante Barley endorsers?

Sante Barley CEO Joey Marcelo and the Sante Barley Board of Directors and Trustees believes that by acquiring the the top-notch celebrity endorsers is one of the key factor in helping its business, Sante Barley worldwide distribution as well as Sante Barley distributors. They also make sure that the Sante Barley endorsers are a satisfied product users of Sante barley products. It is in this pretext that year-after-year Sante Barley acquires not just one (1) but even more celebrity endorsers.

The Sante Barley endorsers are the faces of Sante Barley products worldwide.

Here’s the Sante Barley Endorsers

As of this writing, Sante Barley company identify eight (8) celebrities, business and athletes to be the Sante Barley endorsers;

  1. Kuya Kim Atienza – TV Host and a Triathlete member of Sante Tri-Team.
  2. Karylle Padilla – TV Host and actress.
  3. Jennylyn Mercado – Actress.
  4. Piolo Pascual – Actor and TV Host.
  5. Ian Banzon – Student and a Triathlete member of Sante Tri-Team.
  6. Keith Peralta – Businessman and a Triathlete member of Sante Tri-Team.
  7. April Boy Regino – Singer and song writer.
  8. Patti Grandidge – TV Host.
  9. Atty. Lorna Kapunan

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