The Sante Barley Doctors

Sante Barley Doctors of Sante Barley International Company!

The Sante Barley Doctors are roaming around in the Philippines as they spread the good news that Sante Barley products has to offer. These doctors are based in our Sante Wellness Center in Ortigas, Manila.

Sante Barley Doctors
Sante Barley Doctors

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The Sante Barley Doctors in the Philippines!

Here’s the current doctors of Sante Barley in Philippines;

  • Dr. Ron Unidad
  • Dr. Ping Bonus

For other countries, soon Sante International with be having some doctor’s partners in your country. Please check it out every now and then.

For the distributors and business partners, please check out every now and then if these doctors are in your area. Make sure as well to catch them there.

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