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Meet the man – Mentor Jhuls

Mentor Jhuls

Hi there,

My name is Julius Suralta aka “Mentor Jhuls”, an Internet and network marketer that helps people eliminate the 8-5 ‘slavery’ and
create a profitable online and offline global business. As a network marketer, I am one of the TOP Executive Director of Sante International – The Barley Company.

I am all about leveraging your time and talent of sharing as well as selling for fast income!

Thank you for checking out my site and I really hope you have a BIG DREAMS

  • A dream to wake up in the morning anytime you like…
  • A dream to be debt free…
  • A dream to enjoy your life to its fullest… where the PRICE tag is not a problem.

Looking for a BUSINESS PARTNER in Sante Barley business.You see, when I wanted to escape the 8 to 5 ‘slavery’ (aka rat-race) and started a profitable offline and online business a few years ago, I was the last person someone could imagine making any profits at all.

I was deeply in debts (seriously in debts – not just a $10k or $50k – but really, really seriously in debts).

On TOP of that…

I can’t go back to my home country for 4 years because I was banned in immigration.  I was so broke that even I landed in jail for credit card debts.

Here’s what I realized – …quitter never wins and winners never quits.


So I stayed positive, study and learn a lot more, focus, asked the experts, mingle with the successful people, met new friends and networks.

I got this quote from one of my favorite motivational speaker “Jack Canfield”

You become what you think about… most of the time.

This quote struck me as i always think that i am not successful, that my life is a mess, that everything around me are not in my favor.

Now, I consider myself a winner – a successful online and offline business developer and entrepreneur – a mentor in both online and offline marketing business.

Need help on Sante BarleyIf you want to make a lasting change in your life – have a freedom to do whatever you want and whenever you want…

… Work with me.

Just subscribe to this website, follow what I do, ask me questions. I will be here for you – I will be guiding your journey in Sante Barley business.

Subscribe now and send me your story – tell me where you are in your sante barley business right now and how can I help you to get where you want to be.

  • 5 figures – POSSIBLE!
  • 6 figures – POSSIBLE!
  • 7 figures – POSSIBLE!

Just pick your number, reach out to me and let’s work together to make it happen for your.

Looking forward to hear from you.

Mentor Jhuls

Serious sante barley business

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