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The below lines of Sante Barley Products have been carefully and scientifically identified that is best for human body. Further to this, the Sante Barley Health Beverage Series namely (Sante Choco Barley, Sante Barley Fusion Coffee, Sante Whey Barley and Sante Barley Green Lemon Tea) have manage to have a certification from Philippine FDA, Halal agency and more.

Here’s the Sante Barley Health and Beverage Series products:

Sante Barley Certifications
Sante Barley Certifications

Introducing the Sante Barley health and beverage products. All of these contains pure organic young barley grass that helps and boost your immune system.

Young barley leaves contain trace minerals that are vital to health. These are used by the body to activate enzymes (speed up chemical reaction), sustain cellular activity, absorb and utilize other minerals. Some of these such as boron, chromium, cobalt, copper, iodine, iron,manganese, nickel, selenium and zinc.

  • Iron is found in blood and necessary to carry oxygen
  • Iodine is part of thyroid hormones
  • Chromium helps the body use insulin
  • Zinc is part of the hormone insulin and is found in many of the body’s enzymes.
  • Zinc also helps in the maintenance of bone health which prevent osteoporosis and other bone diseases.

The product lines of Sante International presents great results to human body.

  • The Sante Barley Green Tea Lemon with L-Carnitine can help increase that fat-burning effect while you exercise.
  • The Sante Choco Barley can activate a well-rounded mix of alertness and focus with this nutritious drink.
  • The Sante Barley Fusion Coffee contains pure young organic barley grass mixed with classic Robusta coffee beans.

The below list are the government agencies and international organizations that recognizes the Sante Barley Health Beverage products.

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