Sante Barley Products : The Review

The Sante Barley Products of Sante International

Sante International proudly presents their products below (which has been awarded as Super Brands in the Philippines). The main raw material of all Sante products since its conception way back 2008 is from the certified pure young organic barley grass from Canterbury, New Zealand. And all the major product of Sante international today, namely; Sante Pure Barley NZ , Sante Barley Pure NZ, Sante Barley Fusion, Sante Choco Barley, Sante C’est Bon and recently the Sante Barley Max are from the 100% young organic barley grass.

Here are some other related topic about Sante Barley products!

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Essential Amino Acids Found In Barley Grass

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Sante Cest Bon Premium Anti-aging Barley Soap

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Sante Boost Coffee

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Allan Taylor beat cancer

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Sante Choco Barley - Smooth and Creamy

Get a tasted of our Sante Choco Barley

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Merfa Jien

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C'est Bon

All-natural C’est Bon Premium Anti-Aging Barley Soap

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The Benefits of Sante Barley products

A lot of people have use the Sante Barley products and share their experiences on its benefits.  Below list are the known benefits of barley grass to the human body;

  1. For Diabetes patients
  2. For cardiovascular diseases and high cholesterol
  3. Barley juice
    Barley juice

    Pure barley grass helps improved blood circulation

  4. For individual who have cancer and weak immune systems
  5. For gastrointestinal conditions patients
  6. Pure barley grass aids in digestions
  7. Pure barley grass improves colon health
  8. Pure barley grass delays the aging process of the human body
  9. Pure barley grass reduces inflammations
  10. For arthritis patients and pains
  11. Pure barley grass removes destructive toxins from our body
  12. Pure barley grass helps minimize body odor
  13. Pure barley grass helps relieve respiratory conditions
  14. For a person that have problems with acidity

The above list of benefits have been explain on details here.

Nowadays, Sante International create a loud noise in the health and wellness industry. We could say, it’s because of popularity of the Sante products from satisfied users that was cured, distributors that didn’t stop sharing the Sante Barley products and of course its advertisements in Philippines from renowned endorsers namely;

  • Kuya Kim
  • Karylle Padilla
  • Jennylyn Mercado
  • April Boy Regino
  • Piolo Pascual
  • Patti Grandidge
  • Atty. Lorna Kapunan
  • and many more…

Furthermore Sante International has a triathlete team that are probing that sante barley products are not just great but effective as it adds strength, energy and stamina.