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Sante Philippines

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Sante Barley Presentation, Sante Business Owner Orientation, Effective Presentation Skills, Understanding Marketing Plan, Sante Systems Training

May 10 – 16, 2018 from 6:30pm – Room no. 806, Al Moosa Tower 1, Shiekh Zayed Road, Dubai, UAE

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Santé provides only organic barley from farms certified by BioGro, New Zealand’s leading organic certification agency..

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Every Santé Barley Pure New Zealand 500mg capsule contains pure barley, without any additives nor artificial color.

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Pure organic young barley grass grown and cultivated in the fertile plains of Canterbury.

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Freshly harvested barley is immediately transported to the manufacturing plant for drying, milling, and packing.


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A Sante business owner is a visionary. A dreamer. Has a desire to help other business partners live a better life. As a business owner, you can have up to 55% discounts of all the products, a global business opportunity, you can do this business online and off-line, enjoy the travel incentives, mobile apps to run your business anywhere, enjoy the gadgets / apparel / car / house incentives and a growing residual income.

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A small archipelago in Southeast Asia abundant with rich natural resources, the Philippines lay claim to 7,641 islands spread throughout its 300,000 square kilometers land area. Famous for its long stretch of beaches and coral islands, the country had already welcomed more than 2 million tourists during the first quarter of 2018.

The Philippines is home to more than 94 million people, defined by their regional cultural diversity. More than all the beautiful sceneries one can find in the Philippines, no traveler or visitor will ever fail to mention the country’s friendliest, warmest and most hospitable people. A rare gem in what could be considered predominantly impoverished lot. Despite poor living conditions, the people of this country are amazingly cheerful and totally unmindful of the economic disadvantage over other neighboring countries.

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