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The New Sante Barley Product Package for Global Markets

Sante International recently announced that Sante Barley (The Barley Authority company) officially will be going global. Sante International CEO Joey Marcelo had announced that Sante International is now the proud owner of the factory that processed the “pure young organic barley grass” fresh from the farm.

The Procedures in joining the Sante Barley business

To be able to do the Sante Barley business, you need to follow these steps;

  1. First and foremost, you need to acquire the Retailer’s Kit (amount is per country basis). Please make sure you kept this as this is your key to open your Sante Barley Distributors back-office online system.
  2. You need to choose among the Sante Barley product packages mention above (depends on per country product pack availability).

These are some other Sante Barley packages and programs

The advantage in the Philippines (if you are a Filipino) is that your relatives can use the other benefits that are included in each package. Also, the Retailer’s Kit in the Sante Barley Philippines product package has more benefits and perks that comes with it.

For more inquiries about the Sante Barley Product package for international market, Please call +971 55 9832449 or email me at santebarleyreview@gmail.com.

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