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The Sante Barley Compensation Plan

The Sante Barley compensation plan is the most SIMPLE and SAFE MLM compensation plan in the industry today. It is a hybrid system. A combination of advance binary system (side-lock system), uni-level system and a stair-step MLM system.

  1. Sante Barley Retailing
  2. Sante Barley Fast Start Bonus
  3. Sante Barley Infinity System – Pairing / Matching Bonus
  4. Sante Barley Builder Bonus – UNI-LEVEL Program
  5. Sante Barley Executive Bonus – MLM Program
  6. Sante Barley Car Allowance Program
  7. Sante Barley Performance Bonus Program
  8. Sante Barley Diamond Royalty Bonus Program

9 income ways in Sante Barley

Previously, as i can recall. There were only 5 compensation plans of Sante when they started years ago. And as the company grows, so as the compensation plan. That’s a great news.

In fact, the Sante International company will pay you a fast start bonus  (sponsorship commission) starting on your first customer or distributor on daily basis. Also, there are just two (2) legs to balance (like a typical binary plan but we call it – the Sante Infinite System) that pays you on daily basis as well.

Another great thing about Sante barley compensation plan, there are no high volume requirements(as long as you place a product order monthly, you are qualified to get paid – monthly residual income). There are other benefits that pays you quarterly and yearly plus a lot of travel and car/home incentives and many more.

As you analyze the compensation plan with Sante Barley and others, look to the requirements, the more complex they are, the more difficult it will be for you to earn a significant income. At Sante Barley, they believe that simplicity is the new competitive advantage. Launch your Sante Barley business today and get paid daily, monthly, quarterly and yearly!

Sante International has the ability to pay YOU in;

  • Philippine Peso (PHP)
  • AED Dirhams (for UAE distributors)
  • US Dollar – International Market

The bottom line is that Sante International (The Barley Authority company) has no “loopholes” in their compensation plan same as what you see elsewhere.

Sante Barley Compensation plan has the ff;

  • 9 income ways in Sante Barley
  • NO DAILY income limits
  • NO WEEKLY income limitsLooking for a BUSINESS PARTNER in Sante Barley business.
  • NO MONTHLY income limits
  • NO 5th Cycle (every 5th payment cycle)
  • NO Pass-up
  • NO Spill-over
  • NO Break-away
  • NO Spin-off
  • NO Reversion
  • NO Time-Frame
  • NO Demotion
  • NO Rebates
  • NO Insurance
  • NO Scholarship (school discounts)
  • Fast-Start Bonus – sponsorship 
  • Matching Bonus – Sante Infinite System
  • Side-lock system
  • Daily Income computation
    • For Philippines – 12:00 midnight (+8 GMT Philippine Time)
    • For UAE & International – 12:00 midnight (+12 GMT New Zealand Time)
  • Guaranteed Strong Leg Retention
  • Guaranteed Safe compensation plan
  • Maximum 64-128 business accounts per level side.
  • Uni-level point per product package (good for builder and executive bonuses)
  • Travel Funds & Housing Funds
  • Quarterly & Yearly Performance Bonus (Global Profit)

Other benefits of Sante compensation plans;

  • Customer Preferred System
  • Replicating website (store front)
  • Back-office online system
  • Car Allowance program
  • League Wallet System (Online Wallet System)
  • SMS System (Messaging System)
  • Discount Coupons (Philippines only)
  • Loading Business (Philippines only)
  • Franchise Business Package
  • Branch Business Package

Other benefits of being a Sante Barley distributor;

  • Sante International is a registered company in the following countries;
    • Sante International – Philippines
    • Sante New Zealand Limited – New Zealand
    • Sante International FZE – UAE
    • Sante International (soon in USA, Australia, more to come)
  • The medical team of Sante International;
    • Dr Ron Unidad
    • Dr Ping Bonus
    • Bing Calinawang – RN
  • Sante International believes on advertising;
    • TV Ads (Philippines)
    • Radio Ads (Philippines)
    • Billboards (Philippines)
    • Bus transit signage (Philippines)
    • Magazines and & Newspaper (Philippines)
    • Sponsors a lot of known events and athletes
  • Every year Sante International acquire the services of known celebrities and sports enthusiasts;
    • Patti Grandidge (International)
    • Piolo Pascual (Philippines)
    • Kuya Kim (Philippines)
    • Jennylyn Mercado (Philippines)
    • Karylle (Philippines)
    • April Boy Regino (Philippines)
    • Keith Peralta (Philippines)
    • Ian Banzon (Philippines)
  • Sante International is into sports and owns;
    • Sante Impact System
    • Sante Barley Triathlon Team
    • Sante Barley Cycling Team
    • Sante Barley Domination Run (yearly event)
    • Properties for Sante Barley distributors;
      • Royale Tagaytay
      • Pico De Lorro
      • Yacht
  • and many more to come…

Sante wants you to get paid … WELL!

Your success is Sante Barley success.


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