2017 Sponsor Galore

Sponsor Galore

Here’s the latest Sante Barley UAE Promotion – Sponsor Galore!

Sante Barley UAE business owners gone thru another mile again. The latest Sante Barley UAE Promotion entitled “SPONSOR GALORE | Enrollee Explosion“.

Promotion duration starts from today July 16, 2017 till December 31, 2017.

Mechanics of the promotion:

  1. This promo is exclusive to active UAE business owners.
  2. Requirements;
    1. Within the promo duration, the Sponsor must personally enroll two (2) new business owners with a minimum of an e-builder pack.
    2. Business owners who are able to accumulate the required Employee Links (EL) per phase are entitled to the specified reward. The Sante Business owner may claim all the items per required accumulated EL. The qualified may claim the reward as soon as he reach the required Enrollee Links for the specified item.
    3. Enrolle Links (EL) per phase requirements and rewards;
  3. A business owner may not claim the same item under the same requirements, hence, as he/she accumulates more Enrollee Links, he/she must reach the next higher item.
  4. The company will randomly call and verify existence of individuals whose names were registered via the Activation Pack requirement, which were credited to the qualifying Sponsor Galore business owner. Non-cash rewards are not convertible to cash nor products and are non-transferable.

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