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Here’s the Sante Barley Mentors League

As a Sante Barley distributor, i need to see how my mentors reach their goals and how do they do it. The Sante Barley mentors league is the answer.

Here’s what i would get on these training;

  • How do they get to where they are (our mentors) right now?
  • Why they are doing the Sante Barley business?
  • The do’s and dont’s of the Sante barley business.
  • Training, such as;
    • House Meeting/Launch Pads
    • Prospecting
    • Be humble/learn SBP/SPT/SDO
    • MAM (Meeting After Meeting)
    • Materials, Clear book, Brochures
    • Big Meetings & Sizzles
    • ABC Rule
    • On line prospecting / Social Media
    • Special Training
  • and probably more…

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