2017 Sante Extreme Incentive

2017 Sante Extreme Incentive

Here’s the 2017 Sante Extreme Incentive Program of Sante Barley!

All Sante Barley business owners (Sante Business Owner) are glad to have this new incentive program of Sante Barley which is the 2017 Sante Extreme Incentive program.

Here’s the SEI Point system has been computed or based:

  • 1 SEI Point for every Builder Pack Plus or e-Builder Pack Plus package
  • 2 SEI Points for every Extreme Pack Plus or e-Extreme Pack Plus package
  • 3 SEI Points for every Ultimate Pack Plus or e-Ultimate Pack Plus package

Here’s the mechanics of this promotion:

  1. Business Owners may claim the incentive, any day, within the promo period. Maximum of one vehicle may be claimed by a Business Owner within each promo period but Business Owners may claim more than one non-vehicle items.
  2. Any business account of a Business Owner is entitled to participate in this promo. Maximum of 64 infinity links per level, per business account. Only one (1) qualifying business account per Business Owner per redemption is allowed.
  3. To claim for the one-time down payment Cash Incentive, the Business Owner must present and submit to Sante a “proof of purchase” (from the bank loan provider or car dealer), which is dated in the last 60 days. Business Owners are given until December 31, 2017 to claim for this car incentive. Qualified Business Owners must acquire a vehicle (for this incentive) not later than June 30, 2018. Non-acquisition will result to forfeiture.
  4. In claiming for the monthly car mortgage cash incentive:
    • The Business Owner must have qualified for the one-time down payment SEI Cash Incentive
    • Both the Downpayment and Monthly Amortization cash incentives must be within the same Vehicle category (based on the SEI Car Chart).
    • The Business Owner must submit a certification that the newly acquired vehicle is under a monthly payment scheme.
    • The Business Owner may claim the SEI monthly incentive for a maximum of one (1) year, which is one month immediately after his/her claim of SEI Car down payment.
    • The monthly SEI must be claimed monthly, hence, unclaimed incentives within the month are not to be carried over to the next month/s.
    • The company shall provide the amount stated per category in the mechanics, hence, any production in excess of the required links will not be credited and no additional cash incentive will be provided for.
  5. In claiming for SEI Gadgets
    • Business Owners can claim any item, any day, within the promo period.
    • Business Owners may claim more than one (1) item (non-vehicle) for the whole duration of the SEI Promo.
  6. Business Owner’s SEI Point counter for all business accounts will reset to zero once an SEI item has been claimed. Business Owners may only claim one item at the time of redemption. Meanwhile, Business Owners may again accumulate SEI points once the point counter has been reset to qualify.
  7. Only registered Business Owners and/or registered representative (for corporate accounts) is allowed to claim for the promo items.
  8. Only Builder/e-Builder Pack+, Extreme/E-Extreme Pack+ and Ultimate/E-Ultimate Pack Plus+ purchased and registered within the promo period will be counted.
  9. This promo is in conjunction with any other promo being offered by Sante. The promo items are non-convertible to cash nor products, non-transferrable. For more details/queries, log on to santebarley.com or call Customer Service at +971 4 3209726
2017 Sante Extreme Incentive Program Gadgets
2017 Sante Extreme Incentive Program Gadgets

Here’s the gadgets for each point equivalents:

  1. Go Pro Hero 5 – 37 SEI links
  2. Apple Watch 2 – 40 SEI links
  3. Samsung S7 Edge – 66 SEI links
  4. iPhone 7 – 70 SEI links
  5. iPhone 7 Plus – 80 SEI links
  6. Macbook – 110 SEI links
  7. Mackbook PRO – 160 SEI links



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