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Sante Barley Millionaires Circle

Sante Barley Executive Millionaires Circle

The Sante Barley Millionaires Circle Club

After working for various companies as office executives, they found success in the world of multi-level marketing, where their monthly take home pay is multiple times their previous salaries. Manila-born Jonathan Ledesma and Davao-based Gabriel Silaga Jr. found an opportunity to grow and be part of Sante International – The Barley Authority company. They are now belong to the Sante Barley Millionaires Circle Club.

They are now belong to the so-called Sante Barley Executive Millionaires Circle, an elite group of direct sellers who found health and wealth through Sante International Inc., a Filipino-owned company engaged in the production and distribution of barley-based products.

Mentor Jonathan Ledesma
Mentor Jonathan Ledesma

Despite the growing complaints against pyramiding scam and multi-level marketing schemes, the two top Sante Barley distributors believe they are in a legitimate business, because they and their relatives use Sante barley products. Jonathan Ledesma says he has never vouched for a product as much as what he is doing now for Sante.

Jonathan Ledesma says that there are testimonies about how Sante barley products cure diseases, where medical sciences have given up hope. Product variants are Sante pure barley powder, Sante barley capsules, juice and coffee concoctions and even barley-laced soap. At the same time, it helps people who need the miraculous benefits of Sante products those who want to stay healthy, the sick and the dying.

Both Jonathan Ledesma and Gabriel Silaga Jr. claim that while networking or pyramid marketing had its fair share of controversy due to reports of scam and trickery, Sante is banking on its product performance.

Sante Executive Millionaires Circle

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