The Sante Barley Success Stories

The Sante Barley Success Stories

Since year 2008, a number of successful Sante barley distributors worldwide had shared their Sante Barley Success Stories. All of these individuals give thanks to Sante International for having their dreams comes to reality. For its their Sante Barley business that put them in the pedestal of successful Sante Barley distributors.

Please be known that some of these Sante barley success stories are from the known newspaper published years ago and some are taken from Sante Barley website.

It is my great pleasure to share some of them to you. As they are now our Sante Barley mentors that guide us to achieve our dreams and help us make it come true.

For what is worth, we will have our own testimony of success here as well.

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Jovannie Flores

Mentor Diamond Director Jovanie Flores

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Jonathan Ledesma

Mentor Diamond Director Jonathan Ledesma

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Mentor Lito Labrador

Mentor Diamond Director Lito Labrador

Our Mentor Diamond Director Lito Labrador! Mentor Lito Labrador is currently living in Pasig Mentor Manila. He was raised in Pinamalayan Oriental ...
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