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Product maintenance to earn Sante Barley Commission

Earn Sante Barley Commission

You need to have Product maintenance to earn Sante Barley Commission!

Yes, you read it right. You need to have Product maintenance of at least 100 Barley Points (BP) in order to earn Sante Barley Commission from your Sante Infinity bonus (Pairing bonus / Matching bonus), Sante Builder Bonus (Unilevel bonus), Sante Executive Bonus (MLM Bonus) and the rest of other compensation.

You need to purchase any products of Sante (monthly) in order to earn your Sante barley commission.

In Sante Barley, we have this culture of patronizing our own products. We are in the distribution business of first-class wellness products made of 100% natural pure young certified organic barley grass from New Zealand. Ourselves should be the first customer and user.

As we grow our business, we need to have continues consumption of our products. We need to be a user of our products. We should be the ambassador of our products. So, as to the monthly maintenance; it is just 100 BP (barley points) product value which is so small especially if you are doing this business. 100 BP product is actually just our 1 box of our Sante Pure Barley NZ (juice powder).

This culture ensures the future of our business and its growth.

You see, we are not just into recruitment. We are into spreading the habit of using our beloved Sante barley products in our daily life. We are the ambassador of our product. We are a product of our product.

Here’s the Sante Barley commissions that will be affected of this policy;

  1. Sante Barley Infinity System bonus (Pairing / Matching)
  2. Sante Barley Builder Bonus (Unilevel bonus)
  3. Sante Barley Executive Bonus (MLM bonus)
  4. Sante Barley Car Allowance program
  5. Sante Barley Performance bonus
  6. Sante Barley Diamond royalty bonus
  7. Regional Travel Incentives
  8. Global Travel Incentives
  9. Gadget Incentives (Promong Milyonaryo)
  10. and few more bonuses that may popup every now and then


The above Sante barley commission is for us to take. It just require your personal consumption of at least 100 BP (barley points) or more; no matter what ranks/level/position you are in Sante barley.

Sante Barley Builder bonus
Sante Barley Builder bonus

Of course, the higher your ranks/level/position, the higher your required purchases. For a Diamond Executive Director, a minimum of 700 BP (barley points) is required.

Sante Barley Executive Bonus program
Sante Barley Executive Bonus program


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