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How to Get Started in Sante Barley business?

getting started in sante barley

How to Get Started in Sante Barley business?

Welcome. We are glad that you are here. We are excited that you want to experience the difference of SANTE BARLEY business that can make in your life.


Need assistance in Sante Barley
Need assistance in Sante Barley

This is the question that most of our visitors who just know about Sante Barley Business. There are 3 types of members/distributors in Sante Barley and you can choose which of this you want to be;

  1. Customer – you are just a customer and you just want to use the product for personal use.
  2. Small Business – you are interested with the business but doesn’t want to take a leap-of-fate. You want to take it slow hoping that you will flourish in the future.
  3. Big Business – you are a person just like me that is tired of working for others for a lot number of years. And you want to control your future and destiny.

So, to get started in Sante barley business? You need signup the on-line Registration Form on the official website. Then you purchase any of Sante Barley Product Package.

Call/message +971561778244 / +971559832449

I will be your sponsor in SANTE BARLEY!

Here’s what you get in joining Sante barley!

To do Sante barley business, you need to join Sante barley. And as a Sante barley distributor, below are the list of benefits that you will have;

  • Product discounts up to 50% off
  • No Flush-out or Pairing limits
  • No Daily Income limits
  • No Pass-up / Roll-up / Spill-over
  • No Break-away
  • No 5th cycle
  • No rebates program
  • Just 1 box of barley juice (Sante Barley Pure NZ) as your minimum monthly maintenance for all your business accounts (either 1 account or hundreds of accounts)
  • Uni-level bonus (up to 10 level deep) a total of 80% overriding commissions
  • MLM bonus (additional 4% to 10%) up to infinity
  • Auto-compression
  • Auto-ship program is available
  • Preferred customer program
  • Self-replicating online store
  • Travel incentives (regional and global)
  • Gadget incentives
  • Car incentives
  • EF1 Support System
  • Sante Wellness Center with 3 resident doctors
  • Sante Impact System Gym
  • TV Advertising and programs
  • Celebrity endorsements

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