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Sante Barley AutoShip Subscription Program

Sante Barley Autoship Program cover

What to expect during the Sante Barley AutoShip Subscription Program?

Sante Barley is proud to share the in and out of Sante Barley Autoship subscription program. For Sante Barley distributor, this programs can help boost the sales and growth of his/her Sante barley business.

What to expect during autoship subscription?

  1. Distributors will enjoy the full convenience of the AUTOSHIP program when their autoship is equal or above the required pin level BP requirement.
  2. Automatic shipment of products (p/u or delivery); Upon payment confirmation, products are available for pick-up/delivery immediately (allow three to five working days for processing & shipment).
  3. Exclusive to distributor’s autoship enrolled via credit card – For every company specified quarter (Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4), the distributor who maintains the required pin level BP inclusive of 200 BP credit card autoship/month, the distributor gets one (1) FREE Bottle of Pure Barley on the 4th month (no BP credit).

See below poster for more details!

Sante Barley Autoship Program
Sante Barley Autoship Program


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