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Sante Barley Organic Certification

BioGro Certification

The Sante Barley Organic Certification from Biogro!

Sante International is proud to share the Sante Barley Organic Certification of its farms in the plains of Canterbury, New Zealand by BioGro New Zealand.  BioGro New Zealand is the leading organic certification organization governing all farms in New Zealand.

Organic farming practices in New Zealand began on a commercial scale in the 1980s. Lincoln University, which has a strong focus on agricultural research, operates the Biological Husbandry Unit which first opened in 1976 and now focuses organic and sustainable agriculture.

While all commercial producers in New Zealand are subject to requirements under the Fair Trading Act, which covers misleading behavior, there is no specific piece of legislation regulating organic certification in New Zealand but a number of standards are used including IFOAM and BioGro.

BioGro is a New Zealand-based certification agency which was formed in 1983. It has IFOAM, JAS and ISO17020 accreditation, which ensures certified providers access to educated consumers in a global marketplace.

For a barley farmer to be accepted by Sante International as a barley grower, he must be certified first by BIOGRO.

BioGro Certification
BioGro Certification


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