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Health and Wellness in Sante Barley

Barley Grass Juice

Health and Wellness awareness by Sante Barley!

We are all aware right now that health and wellness is a big concern to everybody now a days. Why do we get sick? How did we acquire sickness? And how to be healthy again? Did you know that still the number one killer of our time right now is STROKE or HEART ATTACK? Even at a very young age!

Why do we get sick?

We get sick because of our body cells got damage. We get sick because of our Organ System got Malfunctions. The reasons why this happens? It is because of the following;

  1. Wrong nutrition’s – we are not having the right nutritions.
  2. Toxins buildup in our body – we ate a lot of foods that increases the toxins in our body.
  3. Over acidity – drinking soft drinks and other acidic foods.
  4. Infections – some viruses we got from the weather or other people.

Now, let’s review a bit of our knowledge of human body. The human body is compose of billions of cells. These cells when they are combine it becomes a tissue. When tissues are combine it becomes organs such as our liver, our heart & intestines. And when organs are group it is name as system. Did you know that our body have 12 systems? To name a few such as; cardiovascular system, digestive system and nervous system.

Let’s familiarize again our digestive system. Don’t worry, I will not dwell on details. We have our mouth where we put the food we want to eat. We have our stomach where it stores and process the food we ate. We have our liver that provides metabolism and energy for our stomach to process the food we ate. We have our small intestine and large intestine where the food that was process by our liver and stomach pass thru going our behind. And poooofff…. Just that simple… isn’t it? No… it is not just that simple as it sounds.

That process is so delicate that if you eat food with too much sugar, you’ll get diabetes. If you eat food with too much fats and you do not exercise you become fat with hypertension and high cholesterol. You agree with me that when you eat foods that are not meant to be combined – you have a smelly fart. And if that is too much – you have a very very exciting smelly filthy farts.

So, by knowing the cause why we get sick can help us mitigate the risk of getting expose to sickness. This is part of the health and wellness awareness program of Sante Barley.

How did we acquire sickness?

We acquire sickness from the food we ate. Remember the old saying – you reap what you sow! You got what you deserve! Simple, if we ate healthy nutritious foods and do regular exercise. Then we have a healthy body.

Having a running nose or fever is not consider a sickness at all. It is how our body reacts to the virus or our immune system response to the threat. In fact, we should be happy that our body and immune system is fighting for us against the threat to our health and well-being!

Statistics shows that the number one killer of our time right now is STROKE or HEART ATTACK. The second is CANCER. The most popular illness of our time is DIABETES.

And all of these illnesses are related or in-fact directly related to the food we eat and our lifestyle. The percentage of people died because of old-age are becoming lesser and lesser and lesser yearly. And the question is this…. How do you want to die?

How to be healthy again?

Being HEALTHY is our birth right. As much the same as being WEALTHY and SUCCESSFUL – did you know that?

Here’s the three things that we need to do;

  1. We need to change our attitude towards HEALTHY LIVING by understanding the needs of our body!
  2. We need to change our LIFESTYLE. Minimize if not eliminate smoking and drinking. Engage into sports as our body requires more movements to burn calories.
  3. Also, we need to change the food we ate by having a healthy nutritious foods and supplements. And, drink SANTE BARLEY juice.

Barley is a total complete food. It is recognize by science as the most nutritious of all plant foods containing a broad spectrum of essential vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes plus chlorophyll, phytonutrients and phytochemical that our bodies require for the proper functioning of organs and immune system.

Barley is GOD’s given gift to human kind. And this has been proven by time. Barley has been mention in the Bible 37 times and was also used by Prophet Mohamad mention in Holy Quran.

Hippocrates,the Father of Medicine,in 460BC said: “let the food be thy medicine and let the medicine be thy food”! He uses barley in preparation for fasting and purification.

Remember, WE ARE NOT GETTING YOUNGER and we only live in this world once. And our vehicle in this world is our body! Handle it with care……

Let me share you all this some sort of irony…. that I heard just recently…

Many lose their health in making money. And losing money in looking for health. Which one do you want to lose first? Your health, wealth or both…


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