2018 April Sante CEO Updates for Qatar

CEO Updates for Qatar

Here’s the 2018 April Sante CEO Updates for Qatar! The good thing about our Sante CEO, he is always looking forward to share good news and blessing to our sante barley business partners worldwide. And this coming April 20, 2018 our great CEO will address to all Sante Barley business owners in Qatar and Nigeria through […]

2018 e-activation package for Sante Barley Qatar

2018 e-Activation Package for Sante Barley Qatar

Here’s the latest 2018 e-activation package for Sante Barley Qatar! Congratulations Sante barley business owners in Qatar. Here’s the latest 2018 e-activation package for Sante Barley Qatar. You can not enjoy the business of Sante barley in Doha Qatar. What i have noticed here are it seems Qatar and UAE have the same package range. Meaning […]

2018 Sante Barley UAE Price List

Price List UAE

Here’s the latest 2018 Sante Barley UAE Price List! We will be celebrating the SALVO X this coming March 9 2018. That is the 10th year anniversary of Sante Barley International. However, for Sante Barley UAE our second year anniversary will be on February 18, 2018. That was the date when Sante Barley UAE officially […]

Beyond every Podium Finish

Beyond Podium finish

Beyond every Podium Finish: Inspiring women, one race at a time As the three-sport athletic competition, Triathlon continues to gain popularity in the country, Filipinas are also proving that they are a force to reckon with, especially with the growing number of bold and fierce female athletes, who are achieving greater heights and podium finishes. […]

2018 Sante UAE SALVO X Special Performance by Reshma Sainulabdeen

2018 Sante UAE SALVO X Special Performance by Reshma Sainulabdeen

Here’s the 2018 Sante UAE SALVO X Special Performance by Reshma Sainulabdeen! Sante Barley UAE 2018 SALVO X – Age of Transcendence 2nd anniversary event this coming March 9, 2018 in Sheik Rashid Auditorium in Indian Highschool, Aud Metha Street, Dubai, UAE.   Salvo in UAE

A Soup Made of barley

Vegetable barley soup

Have you tasted a soup made of barley? The principal art in making up great rich soup, is so to percentage the numerous active ingredients that the flavour of one shall not predominate over another, and that all the articles of which it is composed, shall form an agreeable whole. Clear soups need to be […]

Ederlyn Panopio

Ederlyn Panopio

Business owner Ederlyn Panopio’s rags-to-riches journey: Overcoming poverty The yearly family gathering for the Panopios was unlike others. For the rare opportunity to spend time together Ederlyn, her mother, and her six siblings would troop to the cemetery to commemorate any special occasion at his father’s grave. All of them were apart for majority of […]

2018 Sante Global Travel Alaskan Cruise in UAE

2018 Sante Global Travel Alaskan Cruise cover

Here’s the 2018 SANTE GLOBAL TRAVEL ALASKAN CRUISE in UAE Promo duration: January 1 – December 31, 2018 Here’s the mechanics of Sante Barley global Travel Alaskan Cruise; Open to all active business owners who are; (1) on autoship for the whole duration of the promo, and (2) at least a diamond ED on December […]

2018 Sante Extreme Incentive in UAE

2018 Sante Extreme Incentive

Enjoy the all year long Sante Extreme Incentive in UAE! Congratulations in advance to the deserving Sante UAE distributors. In Sante, you can finally own your dream gadget, apparel or car! Promo duration is from January 1, 2018 till December 31, 2018. Mechanics of 2018 Sante Extreme Incentives Promo in UAE Business owner must be […]