April Boy Regino cured from CANCER


How April Boy Regino cured from CANCER?

Jukebox King April Boy Regino, the so called “idol” who migrated to the US in 2005, revealed that he was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2009 after doctors found blood in his sperm which made him shock and sad for so long time. Year 2012 comes, How did April Boy Regino cured from CANCER? As per his revelation in some of his TV appearances and media interviews.

In February 2009, April Boy Regino was diagnosed with prostate cancer and diabetes in Las Vegas, Nevada where they migrated since 2005. “Idol” was devastated and wanted to sing his hit song to the doctor and to his family, “Di ko kayang tanggapin!”.

April Boy Regino said he had difficulty accepting the situation. “Parang hindi po ako makapaniwala dahil sabi ko bakit ako magkakaroon ng prostate cancer eh napakabata ko pa? Parang nagtanong po ako sa Diyos na bakit ako nagkaroon ng ganitong sakit (I couldn’t believe it because I was still so young. I even questioned God why it was given to me),” he said, adding that he used to subscribe to the notion that cancer meant death.

Sante Barley Pure NZIn the course of his medications, his resources depleted as the family did not have insurance. There would be times during winter in the United States that he and his wife would fall in line in the free clinics as early as 4 a.m. only to be treated at 5:30 p.m. They would be crying in the cold while waiting.

October 2009, the singing “Idol” started to refuse to eat already since “he was going to die anyway.”.

His two children, including upstart singer JC Regino, would literally cry beside his father’s sickbed begging him to eat while Mads (April’s wife) would force him to start reading the Bible again while in tears.

Sante Pure Barley NZ
Sante Pure Barley NZ

Upon arriving in Manila, April Boy’s brother-in-law named Joel picked them up. He immediately gave April several sachets of Pure Barley and some herbal capsules claiming that he heard that actress Maritoni Fernandez took the same supplements and was able to recover. April Boy tried it saying “wala namang masama kung susubukan ko kasi wala namang mawawala sa akin.”.

After two months, he noticed he was getting stronger and blood on his urine vanished. He stopped and experimented all his western medications and concentrated on taking his herbal supplements only.

After six months, he was able to make love again to his wife because little “Idol” could perform again.

They went back to the US for testing and he was cleared from his prostate cancer, diabetes and high blood pressure. He was so convinced that the product helped him that he set up two offices here in the Philippines to convince everyone to be a distributor of his new health “miracle” supplement. For his new found health, “Idol” will stage a thank you concert entitled “Pasasalamat Concert” at the Marikina Sports Center last Nov. 26 with another “Idol” Manny Pacquiao as his special guest. He further testifies that if you’re just working to find cure your’re just working, but if you “pray”, God works. And it does, God answers his prayers through pure barley from New Zealand.

This is how April Boy Regino cured from CANCER. He submitted himself to GOD. And he uses our SANTE BARLEY products which is the juice and the capsule.

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