Become a Sante Barley Distributor or Business Owner

Sante Barley Distributors

How to become a Sante Barley Distributor or Business?

To become a bonafide Sante Barley distributor or business owner, you must purchased one of the Sante Barley product package. Along with the product package you have purchased, you need to fill-up the membership form.  You will be guided by your mentor or sponsor to do this if you are doing it off-line. But if you are doing it online and you are not sure about the process, please call / whatsup / message me for support.

Below are the product packages that you need to choose from;

  1. Sante Barley eStarter package
  2. Sante Barley eBuilder Pack and Pack Plus
  3. Sante Barley eExtreme Pack and Pack Plus
  4. Sante Barley eUltimate Pack and Pack Plus

Please take note that the prices differs from each location where you are buying the package. If your current country location is not on the confirm branch location of Sante Barley, then you follow the global package. The above product package details can be found here.

As a Sante Barley distributor, you will be given one or more Business Account/s (BA) depending on the type of Sante barley product package you avail. Also, depending on the Sante barley product package you had purchased, you are entitled to several auxiliary business accounts to be paid thru commission deductions.

Here’s what you get as a Sante barley distributor;

  • Product discounts up to 50% off
  • 9 income streams (9-ways to earn in Sante barley business)

9 income ways in Sante Barley

    • Hybrid compensation plan (Binary, Uni-level and MLM plan)
    • No Flush-out or Pairing limits
    • No Daily Income limits
    • No Pass-up / Roll-up / Spill-over
    • No Break-away
    • No 5th cycle
    • No rebates program
    • Uni-level bonus (up to 10 level deep) a total of 80% overriding commissions
    • MLM bonus (additional 4% to 10%) up to infinity
    • Auto-compression
  • Just 1 box of barley juice (Sante Barley Pure NZ) as your minimum monthly maintenance for all your business accounts (either 1 account or hundreds of accounts)
  • Auto-ship program is available
  • Preferred customer program
  • Self-replicating online store (i.e :
  • 6 yearly Travel incentives (3 regional and 3 global travels)
  • Gadget incentives
  • Car incentives
  • ENGAGE – EF1 Support System
  • Sante Wellness Center with at least 3 resident doctors
  • Sante Impact System Gym
  • TV Advertising and programs
  • Celebrity endorsements
  • and many more!

Talk to a Sante barley mentor and he/she will guide you all the way.

Updated (October 17, 2017) by Mentor Jhuls



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