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Sante Barley UAE partners Rak Bank for Check Issuance

RakBank UAE

Sante Barley UAE partners Rak Bank for check issuance of commissions

Rak Bank
Rak Bank

It is with great pleasure to announce to everybody that Sante Barley UAE partners Rak Bank for the issuance of checks (as commission payment) to the UAE Sante Barley distributors. This commission payment facility allows us (Sante Barley distributors) to have our commissions in UAE dirhams. Plus this would also allows us to do partnership with other nationality.

As i mention earlier, one of the key benefits of having Rak Bank issue a commission check of Sante International to Sante Barley distributors;  is to be able to attract other nationalities in our Sante Barley business. Having this facility empowers the Sante Barley distributors. I alone is grateful of this news. As i have some business partners asking to have their commission in the check.

The Process

The requirement in order for you to get your commissions in dirhams are as follows;

  1. You need to request this to Sante Barley UAE office in Dubai thru Mentor John Español.
  2. Mentor John Español will request Manila, Philippines office for the check issuance.
  3. Sante International main office will compute your commission based on the current valuation of PESO to DIRHAMS. There will be some charges for this request as well.
  4. Waiting period to arrive the check here in UAE will be 1 week +/-
  5. You will be called once your checks arrives.

Well, look at the bright side. You can now receive a check commission of Sante International in UAE dirhams.


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