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5 Places To Find More Customers

Sales Prospecting Tips – 5 Places To Find More Customers!

According to Ms. Tanya Aliza “In this video, I’m excited to share with you some really great sales prospecting tips and 5 of my favorite places to find more customers for your business, products, or services”.

We all know that finding highly qualified prospects for our product, service, or opportunity is really important – It’s quite literally the life blood of what we do. And having a funnel full of prospects to talk to about our business ensures that we succeed in business. The key is to find more customers and prospects and be that solution provider to their problems with your products or your business.

Being in Network Marketing since 2009 and being a top recruiter in my company, I’ve done a lot of presentations, learned a lot of sales prospecting tips, found a ton of qualified prospects, and learned where to find more customers!

It doesn’t matter where you find people. People are people, so as long as they’re open to hearing more about your product, service, or business…

But I will say – if you’re going to be a professional Network Marketer, you need to be employing both online and offline strategies to find more customers and to grow your sales prospecting efforts.

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