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9 Emotional Stages in MLM Business


Here’s the 9 Emotional Stages in MLM Business

To tell you honestly, All of us have been to this experience and all other network marketers before me – over and over and over again. Regardless you are new or veteran in Network Marketing business and regardless of your products or services, race or country of origin – it’s all the same experience and emotional challenges. I am not here to frighten you nor to discourage you – I am here to welcome you to the most exciting part in network marketing.

The road to success!

As a new distributor or a prospective individual looking at a network marketing possibility. Certain points are expected to happen either right away or later – but it will.

The exhilaration is going to push us in discussing what we have actually experienced. I was to make you aware that there are certain points that if not understood or are taken for granted in those very early day could possibly effectively derail you as well as you will certainly lose the chance of a life time in securing monetary flexibility as well as running away the rat race.

I am creating these notes that can help you go throw securely via the mine industry of unfavorable responses so you come out at the other end extremely successful.

Review the following lines (as these are the stages in MLM business);

  1. The Joining Stage – When you sign-up to be one of the distributor of the MLM company – level of emotion is high! You are Happy!
  2. The worry stage – When you have the second-thought of whether your decision to join is right or wrong. Level of emotion is down! You are sad!
  3. Having the products –  Receiving the products package based on the level/position you joined-in. Level of emotion is high again! Please take note, if the company you sign-up has no product/services, it is possible that it is a scam.
  4. Talking to People – When you are not ready and did not study the business as well as product and compensation plant; you will meet a lot of challenges when you talk to people. The level of emotion is down. Lesson learn, you need to study and learn from it because this is your business!
  5. When people buy – When the people you talk to buy the product/services you are offering. Level of emotion is high! You are Happy!
  6. Unhappy customers – when you’re customer complains as your product is not working, it gives them problems and so on. Level of emotion is down! Solution, make sure you know the end and out of your products. the… what’s best and what not…
  7. Someone plans to join you at the business meeting – the People you had talk to have intention to join with you in your MLM business.
  8. Prospect didn’t shows – The people you have talk to have great intention to join with you but did not come for the production presentation. they have lots of excuses. . level of emotion is low.
  9. Prospect joins – Lastley, when people sign-up for you and your level of emotion is high.

This is the business of Network Marketing!

Food for thought: This roller coaster does not stop my friend. As long as you are in this business of network marketing you must face up to the fact that people will not join, people will quit, people will not pick up the phone or may not turn up for training.

The good things is…

But people will listen to you. People will turn up for meetings and trainings.

And above all people will join you to build their dreams.

If you quit these great potential leaders will join someone else and you will miss out.

The saying is true…”you only loose when you quit”. So never quit.

I hope you have learnt from this lesson today.

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