My Sante Story: Ederlyn Panopio, Administrative Planner


Mentor Ederlyn Panopio share her life has been change because of Sante Barley

Admin planner is a very hectic and boring job i would say. However, mentor Ederlyn Panopio survived – by conquering her fear in network marketing business and dive into it. Now, she’s enjoying the life she always wanted.

Watch the video below why!

Business owner Ederlyn Panopio’s rags-to-riches journey:

The yearly family gathering for the Panopios was unlike others. For the rare opportunity to spend time together Ederlyn, her mother, and her six siblings would troop to the cemetery to commemorate any special occasion at his father’s grave. All of them were apart for majority of the year.

“I thought then that having a decent earning would be the answer to all my prayers. But for four years, I did not achieve any of my dreams. My budget was always not enough. I realized then that it would be impossible to get my family if I would only rely on my limited monthly income… One time, from the cemetery, my siblings asked me to treat them to Jollibee but I could not afford even that.”

Ederlyn’s life completely changed when she joined Santé International. It was a watershed moment for her and, in effect, her entire family. She was introduced to the Santé International business model through her friend, who invited her to come to her office. At first, she said, she thought they would just eat and hang out after work. Little did she know, her life would be fully transformed.

How about you? What’s your Santé Story?

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