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Mentor Diamond Director Jonathan Ledesma

Our Mentor Diamond Director Jonathan Ledesma!

Knowing who’s on the top of Sante Barley business is part of my learning about my business. And I found out that Mentor Jonathan Ledesma is one of my grand up-line. Having him on the top and sharing us his blessing thru his wisdom is good in my business.

Below article is the story of Jonathan Ledesma that i got from one of the leading news paper (published 3 years ago) in the Philippines. I was surprise to know that he finished his education with honors yet he end-up in network marketing business; just like the rest of us.

Here’s his story…

Mentor Jonathan Ledesma
Mentor Jonathan Ledesma

After working for various companies as office executives, they found success in the world of multi-level marketing, where their monthly take home pay is multiple times their previous salaries.

Manila-born Jonathan Ledesma and Davao-based Gabriel Silaga Jr. found an opportunity to grow and be part of Sante International.  Despite the growing complaints against pyramiding scam and multi-level marketing schemes, the two marketers believe they are in a legitimate business, because they and their relatives use Sante barley products.

“Your faith in the product is what will bring you the results you’re seeking. That belief will take to places far, literally and figuratively. I am a believer because I too use Sante. Me and my entire family are consumers of Sante pure barley on a daily basis believing that precaution is a lot mightier than cure,” says Jonathan Ledesma.

Jonathan Ledesma, who had stints in sales with a number of companies in telecommunication, marketing and even film outfits, decided it is time to be his own man.  “It made me think that after hitting a month’s sales quota and even going beyond that quota, at times twice or thrice, at the end of the day your salary remains your salary. It’s what I signed up for and that’s what I will get unless I leave and have my own thing to do. And that’s what I did,” he says.

From Smart Communications, he became the country franchisee of Sante International, way back before it came to be what it is today.  His brother-in-law introduced him to the company after noticing his exceptional talent for sales.

When Sante International introduced its barley-based products in 2010, Ledesma was already part of the group as a pioneer and head of sales.  He says he cannot just attribute his new found career to his ability to sell and engage people to sell.

He believes that the greater part of the equation is to believe in the product one is offering.  Ledesma says he has never vouched for a product as much as what he is doing now for Sante. There are testimonies, he says, that show how Sante products cure diseases, where medical sciences have given up hope.

“There are celebrities, politicians and even TV personalities who can attest to the efficacy of Sante Barley, after having been afflicted by debilitating diseases themselves,” he says.

Jonathan Ledesma says while Sante barley does not have any therapeutic claims, the US Food and Drug Administration classified barley as food while US celebrity Oprah Winfrey, a health enthusiast herself, has barley as the second top superfood on her list.

“I saw the company’s vision and the uniqueness of their product. Who would think that a simple grass would cure cancer? Sante helps people with diabetes, arthritis even those with high blood pressure,” Ledesma says.

Sante’s products are all barley-based. It imports pure barley powder from New Zealand, where barley grass grows organically and in abundance.  From young barley leaves, barely powder is processed using a special technology that retains all the living enzymes and minerals in the leaves and its chlorophyll content.

Product variants are Sante pure barley powder, Sante barley capsules, juice and coffee concoctions and even barley-laced soap.

Gabriel Silaga, one of Ledesma’s first downlines, shares how Sante improved his life and the downlines he has back in Tagum, Davao del Norte.

Gabriel Silaga, who once had the rounds of the networking business even selling insurance while staging stand-up comic acts in Davao City, is now a multi-millionaire in the league of Ledesma and the rest of Sante executive millionaires circle.

“I’m so blessed.  Because of Sante I was able to travel to New Zealand, to other countries. Sante designed success for all walks of life—ordinary people even high school graduates who have the passion to follow their dreams. This is the company where we were able to excel. I’m glad that this company offers opportunity for people to go up the ladder of success. At the same time, it helps people who need the miraculous benefits of Sante products—those who want to stay healthy, the sick and the dying,” he says.

“Barley is recognized by science as the most complete food. It has essential vitamins, amino acids, enzymes, chlorophyll, nutrients, phytochemicals that our body required to boost our organs and immune system. That is the advantage of Sane products from other so-called food supplements,” he says.

Orphaned at the age of 12, Gabriel Silaga takes care of his siblings.  His success at Sante enabled him to send his siblings to school, build his own house in Tagum and just recently, purchase a second car—a Montero Sports GLX.

“There are so many inspiring stories of success, wealth and health at Sante. Those people who regained their health are inspiration enough for us to continue moving on, to continue helping people in need,” he says.

Gabriel Silaga who is asthmatic says he himself benefits from Sante barley.  He drinks pure barley powder everyday to help improve his immune system.

He says of all multi-level marketing brands, Sante is an honest-to-goodness company that brings “health and wealth” to people.

Both Ledesma and Silaga claim that while networking or pyramid marketing had its fair share of controversy due to reports of scam and trickeries, Sante is banking on its product performance.

“We know that networking marketing still has a negative connotation. But what we have is an excellent product. That is what keeps us apart from other products, plus the fact that we have tangible products to offer to consumers. Three years in excellence and we’re still there,” says Ledesma.

Apart from local distributorships, Sante also exports its products abroad and aims to have its own strategic hub in Singapore.

Mentor Jhulshttp://entrustsystem.com/
My name is Julius Suralta aka “Mentor Jhuls”. I am one of the Sante Barley business owner and mentor based in Dubai, UAE. I do believe that mentoring my business partners is the best approach to get what they want in this business. I'm not a good blogger nor a good writer. I only write on what i know.  If you need assistance or clarification - call/message/viber/whatsup/line/WeChat +971561778244 / +971559832449 or email santebarleyreview@gmail.com.

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