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Barley can Reduces Blood Sugar and Lipid Levels

Barley Grass Juice

Did you know that Barley can Reduces Blood Sugar and Lipid Levels?

Barley can significantly reduced blood sugar and lipid levels among diabetic patients in a study conducted in 2010. One of the study was focused on the patients that had diabetes. Type 2 diabetes subjects were given 1.2 grams of barley grass powder juice for a period of 60 days. The study shows significant positive results in supplementation of barley grass powder juice to these volunteers.

Here’s what had been found in the study;

Sante Barley Nutraceutical
Barley can Reduces Blood Sugar and Lipid Levels

We are proud to share to you all that our products;

  • Sante Pure Barley NZ (juice powder) – 3 grams in 1 sachet
  • Sante Barley Pure NZ (Capsule) – 500 mg in 1 capsule
  • Sante Barley Max (capsule) – 500 mg in 1 capsule

From the purest of the PURE and YOUNG ORGANIC BARLEY GRASS in the field of Canterbury, New Zealand. Our farm to which these barley grass have been harvested are certified by Biogro NZ, one of the leading organic certification agency in the world based in New Zealand. Our barley grass are cultivated and carefully produced to maintain its rich vitamins, minerals, amino acids and live enzyme contents.


Sante Barley has exclusive rights to the largest and only organically certified barley grass farm in New Zealand, ensuring product quality and freshness.


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