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4-Stage Process To Produce Certified Organic Barley Powder

Here’s the 4-Stage Process in producing Sante’s Certified Organic Barley Powder!

FROM PLANT TO POWDER: How the BEST BARLEY is made. Get to know exactly how Santé’s very own flagship product–SANTÉ BARLEY–is grown, harvested and produced in our New Zealand farms.  Mr. Peter Hope, Sante New Zealand’s Managing Director, also gave us a closer look in this natural and organic process.

Firstly, certified organic barley powder must be grown on a farm that has organic certification. In New Zealand the process of organic certification of a farm can take 3 years to complete. There are two government approved organic certification agencies in New Zealand. Sante Barley is certified by one of these – BIOGRO NZ Ltd.

The farms that grow Sante Certified Organic Barley Powder are situated in the Canterbury region of New Zealand’s south island. This is an area renowned for growing cereal crops like barley, oats and wheat.  The barley is grown on a farm – not a plantation.  The crops are grown naturally outdoors and receive natural sunlight, rain and airflow from wind. New Zealanders call the fields the barley grows in paddocks.

Barley Grass Powder
Barley Grass Powder

Step 1 : Preparing the land to grow the barley plants

  • Ploughing the land – The farmers use high powered tractors (often more than 250 horsepower) to plough the land and bury any of the previous crop under the ground. Bare soils with no plants.
  • Fertilizing the land – The farmer will have tested the soil to see it has enough nutrients – nitrogen, potassium, phosphorus, sulfur, magnesium and calcium, etc to feed the barley plant. If the soil is lacking, they will apply BioGro approved organic fertilizers. Soil with enough essential nutrients for healthy plant growth.
  • Cultivating the seed bed -The farmers use a variety of farm equipment to make the bare soil progressively finer. So it is good for the barley plants to grow in. Fine soil ready to grow the barley plant. This is called “seedbed”.
  • Sowing (planting) the seed – The farmer sows the barley seed into the soil. The first seedlings will appear after 10=15 days. GPS guidance is used to ensure accuracy. If necessary the farmer will water the plants with an irrigator. A growing barley crop ready to be harvested. This can take 45-90 days average depending on the time of year.

Step 2 : Harvesting the barley leaf (barley grass)

  • Cutting and collecting the leaves – The harvest team use a specially designed harvester to mow and collect the barley leaves. The leaves are about 30cm in length. The leaves are collected in the back of the harvester which can hold several tonnes before unloading. The leaves are harvested ready to be transported to the drying plant.
  • Loading into the drier – The harvester transports the leaves to and unloads them into the drier. Freshly cut leaves loaded into the drier ready to be dried.

Step 3 : Drying the barley leaf

  • Drying – The barley leaves are dried to reduce the moisture content of the leaves from 85% to less than 5%.  Dried leaves ready to be milled to a powder.

Step 4 : Milling the barley leaf

  • Coarse milling the dried leaves – As the barley leaves emerge from the drying process, they are ‘rough milled’ to a coarse state. The barley may be kept for a few hours or days like this until it is processed in the ‘find mill’. Bulk containers of coarsely milled dry leaf ready for the final fine milling.
  • Fine milling and boxing off – The coarse product is processed in a fine mill to make the very fine green powder used in Sante products. The powder is packed into 20kg cartons ready for shipping to Sante Philippines. The final product ready to ship to Sante Barley Philippines for repacking.
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