The Sante Barley Story

Sante Barley Story

The Sante Barley Story

How Barley Became Sante’s Green Pasture?

The grass was always greener on the other side, but not for Sante Barley.

YEAR 2001

First Attempt at the Network Marketing Business

  • The owners experienced the building and running of a Network marketing company.
  • In the midst of questions and doubts, identified their commitment “To Help People…”

YEAR 2007

Sante International was born…

YEAR 2008

Introduction to Barley

  • Barley was introduced to the owners by two distributors, as a product that is endorsed by the US Food and Drug Administration
  • After research, it was decided that the company will focus on the development of a comprehensive selection of everyday products that are all barley-based.
The Sante Barley Story
The Sante Barley Story

YEAR 2010

Sante breaks through the Network marketing Business

  • A Filipino song-writer came across the barley products, and shared with the media how he was cured of diabetes and prostate cancer by the product. Soon after.
  • Company sales skyrocketed
  • There was a demand to increase stock inventory
  • Testimonies came flooding in
  • Company branches tripled in number within a year
  • Distributors earned more than what they expected
  • Requests for international operations from different parts of the world swamped the hotlines


True to why the company started, Sante International Incorporated is now helping people live better lives. The passion that told the owners not to quit is the same passion that drives the company to forge ahead with even greater resolved.

Today, the grass is greener at Sante Barley…

The first 5 of Sante – The Barley Authority…/sante-barley-company/

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